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Trump Finally Makes His ‘Major Announcement’ – and It Has Nothing to Do with His Campaign

After teasing a “major announcement” on Truth social, former President Donald Trump on Thursday unveiled a “limited edition collection” of NFT trading cards, available at

They feature cartoon images of Trump depicted as a superhero, a Hollywood actor, a hunter and other characters.

The announcement was accompanied by a video with Trump pitching the digital assets.

“This is Donald Trump, hopefully, your favorite president of all time. Better than Lincoln or Washington,” Trump says, before detailing the project.

According to the website, 45,000 cards will be created in the series, of which 44,000 will be sold. Those who buy will also be entered into a sweepstakes where the will have the opportunity to dine with Trump, play golf with him, and join a Mar-a-Lago cocktail hour.

Trump’s entry into the NFT market via NFT INT LLC (not affiliated with Trump or the Trump organization), comes at a precarious time for the crypto-based digital art – with volume declining 97% between January and September of this year, and the collapse of FTX – which was a major host of NFTs.

If the collection sells out, the creators stand to make $4.5 million. It’s unclear what Trump will make off the sales, if anything.

  • Pat says:

    President Trump is calling for a Digital Bill of Rights to protect Free Speech.

    It’s so badly needed, he’s 100% right. There was a 6-minute video the same day on Digital Bill of Rights and that was his big announcement I guess Truth Press isn’t telling too much of the truth anymore.

  • Rita says:

    What is going on with Trump? Seriously!!

  • Glow says:

    Very disappointed in this. Now is not the time to push this crap. You’re running for President not movie or sports star of the year. Get it together! Get your team together and Di Santis better be the VP. If he runs against you you’ll lose BIG, REALLY BIG, BIGGER THAN YOUVE EVER LOST….



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