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Trump Family Reacts, Provides More Info on Raid at Mar-a-Lago

It was certainly shocking news to hear on Monday that the FBI was raiding Mar-a-Lago. There was more news about what might be behind it, relating to classified material that Trump might have but if that’s the case, it makes it even more ridiculous as there would be other ways to proceed.

It seemed like a fishing expedition to see what they could grab.

But perhaps nowhere could it be more shocking or more upsetting than to the Trump family who have been pursued, for so long by the Democrats, with every political effort they have thrown at them.

Lara Trump — Trump’s daughter-in-law and Eric Trump’s wife — was on Fox News. She gave some of the family’s reactions since she had been talking with the former president about what had just happened. She said that this was not just about Trump. But if they could even go to this length against the former president of the United States of America, what stops them from going after you?

She made it clear she thought it was an attempt to guard against him running again in 2024, weaponizing the justice system against him. She also pointed out that the family had been cooperating with the FBI.

Eric Trump also provided some further information. His father had said that they even broke into his safe. But Eric told Fox’s Brian Kilmeade there had been nothing in the safe, so they came away with nothing there.

Eric said this was outrageous, with 30 agents at the house, and he said he believed it had to come from Joe Biden.

There’s no other way to say it but that they are right. The Democrats have been trying to get Trump since before he was elected — to knock him out with false Russia collusion allegations, then the efforts to impeach him on ridiculous charges. Now, with Joe Biden in horrible shape, and the Democrats about to lose horrifically in the midterms, they’re after him again in the hopes they can knock him out in some way in 2024.

But if anything, it’s only going to charge up Republicans, even more, to circle the wagons and realize there is no choice, everyone has to get out and throw the Democrats out of office in November if we are ever to stop this kind of corruption. We are not a banana republic but they are doing all they can to make us into one in their naked effort to hold onto power.

  • THOMAS says:

    None of the FUH – KING Communistic Democrats are worth a plug nickel ! I hope to see them all arrested, tried for being Traitors, and Hanged ! Why isn’t our Military arresting them for what they are … TRAITORS … Enemies of the USA ! Isn’t the Military sworn to defend against all Enemies of the USA Foreign and Domestic ?

  • Grace Bruno says:

    It can’t be about classified documents since Obama took 30 million documents with him or is the FBI going to raid one of his mansions?

  • Maddy says:

    I believe in future there will not be 2 party system which just divides the Country. It will be patriots The Democrats of today are no longer Americans but traitors Remove media a well they have deceived the public long enough and stirred up wars and played a huge part in people dying from the poisonous jabs

  • Grandma Peg says:

    We don’t want an actual civil war. If we’re let to goaded into one,the current commie front will stand in their corners and whine… in….saying …see who has been causing all this unrest?? We must fight the battles where they are laws in court rooms and getting the real truth info out any way we can…since Soros and commie sympathizers now control most of our press,,we may have to hire planes and air balloonists to drop info leaflets on the population. While all the time,,baring in mind we Are dealing with commie rats and still standing ready with out home grown army in back of us when They decide, like bully whining little babies to stir up the BLM and Antifa again. And that’s going to cost a Lot of Money..hopefully from the us’s backed by the billionaires and millionaires who don’t ant communism in control, taking the brunt as our base. Let the goad and prod but stop them by overt legal means First…but being prepared for what they will really be wanting ….a live civil war where they can play saviors of the world and finally step in and control their pigs setting those factions to try to ..More destroy us and American Freedom and our Constitution,,all in one fell swoop. We Must cover All fronts but get the truths out Now.

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