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Trump Donation Page Crashes After Flood of Donations in Response to NYC Verdict

Former President Trump’s fundraising page crashed shortly after he was convicted on 34 felony counts by a New York jury, an issue his campaign attributed to an influx of donations.

“The American people see through Crooked Joe Biden’s rigged show trial,” Trump’s campaign posted on the social platform X.

“So many Americans were moved to donate to President Trump’s campaign that the WinRed pages went down. We are working on getting the website back online as quickly as possible.”

Trump’s campaign website redirected visitors to WinRed, the official GOP fundraising site. But the page to donate to the former president said it was under maintenance.

The campaign briefly redirected to a different donation processor amid the technical difficulties.

Trump campaign co-manager Chris LaCivita urged supporters to “log back on and try again” if they received an error message.

The former president has made it a habit of turning his legal problems into campaign fundraising pitches.

He used his mug shot after his Georgia indictment last year to bring in millions of dollars in campaign cash, and his campaign is expected to try and capitalize on outrage over Thursday’s verdict.

Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records, making him the first former president to be convicted of a felony.

The 12-person jury in the hush money trial returned their verdict late Thursday afternoon after deliberations went for approximately 11 hours.

Trump has denied the affair and had pleaded not guilty. He is expected to appeal the verdict.

  • Snickers says:

    My favorite part?? Is watching these STUPID DEMOCRATS when once again, we get the pleasure of witnessing the tears and gnashing of teeth, wringing of fists, and don’t forget the idle threats “I’m leaving the country”, when election night finds OUR RIGHTFUL PRESIDENT bring his shining new chair back to HIS OVAL OFFICE, THAT WE THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR A 3RD TIME!!! TRUMP 2024!!!!!

  • Randall Parker says:

    I hope President Trump raises a billion dollars after this!

  • TexMexDave says:

    The choices other than Trump?
    A pedophile who took showers with his preteen daughter (the democrat), a man who says there is nothing wrong with parents being naked in front of their children (the libertarian), and all 3 (including the independent) who think it is ok to murder babies up to the time of natural delivery.
    Yet those of us who support Trump are deranged because he now is a convicted felon – a new meaning to the phrase ‘trumped up charges’.
    I fear God is allowing our once great nation to implode from within.



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