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Trump Documents Investigation Heating Up: Here’s What We Know

Lawyers for former President Donald Trump were seen entering the Justice Department on Monday morning as the probe intensifies into his handling of classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago, according to CBS News reporters.

CBS News’ Robert Costa reported on Monday that his colleague, journalist Rob Legare, saw Trump’s attorneys walking into the Justice Department in Washington, D.C..

Costa tweeted that sources said the former president’s attorneys “are expected to raise concerns about how prosecutors have handled” attorney-client “questions during the grand jury.”

However, he added, “there is no sign the special counsel is going to waver from how he and his team have handled the crime-fraud exception…”

The news comes after Trump’s lawyers said on Friday that they were unable to find the document which Trump was caught discussing in a 2021 recording, CNN reported.

Special Counsel Jack Smith is expected to make charging decisions soon. Former Trump lawyer Timothy Parlatore said on “Meet the Press” on Sunday that he would “not at all” be surprised if Trump did not face any charges in the investigation.

But that’s not what many legal experts interpret as the outcome of several recent moves, including the Monday meeting at DOJ.

After Trump’s legal team sent a letter last month seeking a meeting with Attorney General Merrick Garland, several former federal prosecutors told The Messenger they expected Smith to soon bring an indictment against the ex-president.

“In conjunction with WSJ reporting that Special Counsel Jack Smith has concluded the investigative phase of his Mar-a-Lago probe, it suggests that an indictment may be imminent,” Andrew McCarthy, a former assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, said, referring to a Wall Street Journal story that said the Smith probe was nearing an end on the documents portion of its work.

“The letter, while childish and intemperate, is an obvious precursor to a federal indictment of a former president of the United States,” added Andrew Weissmann, a former lead prosecutor in Robert Mueller’s special counsel’s Office.

Ty Cobb, a former Trump White House lawyer, said in a recent interview he expected Trump could wind up in federal prison for up to eight years. That’s the timeframe for a punishment if Smith’s probe leads to a conviction on Trump mishandling classified documents, as well as in his separate investigation into whether Trump interfered with the peaceful transfer of power surrounding the 2020 election results.

“I do think prison is a likely and appropriate punishment for the charges under consideration by the special counsel,” Cobb said.

“What he did as president is so abhorrent to the Constitution, such a constitutional insult, that the laws they will be applying were never expected to be used against a president of the United States,” Cobb added. “And because they have to be used against a man who swore to uphold the Constitution while in the highest job in this land, they should be used forcefully as both punishment and a deterrent.”

  • Nate says:

    Democrats will stop at nothing to stop Trump from serving America, The People of America and The United States on any level!

  • ray says:

    interesting statement. tell me what laws against the Constitution did he violate. allowing millions of illegals into this country, no. trying to destroy the second amendment; no. spying on Americans, no. violating peoples 4th amendment rights, no. keeping innocent Americans locked up for years without trial hearings, no. falsify a 5 year witch hunt against a sitting US president, no. trying to overthrow a sitting US President, no. why are they not prosecuting pence or biden for having classified information, which by law they are not allowed to have. and bidens classified info was in a truck of a car.

  • steve says:

    This is a JOKE! The Filthy demonRATS 2 tiered system is all this is. WE DEMAND Obumah & Biden Be INVESTIGATED as this is where it all started.

  • L Perkins says:

    With Justice not equal, Biden should be investigated any other former President as well. We have a constitution that all law makers are suppose follow. They swear an oath to. We are supposed to be a Democracy not Socialist.

  • MsEmma says:

    What does he mean by circumventing the constitution? Excuse me? Biden is the biggest constitutional breaker of all time along with Obama, Clinton, Bush and the rest of the bought and paid for Presidents in our past! If Trump has a document, it is probably in GITMO where the Tribunals are taking place! I trust Trump more than I do anyone in Washington DC! Including Congress and the Senate!

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