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Trump Delivers the Perfect Message to Biden from East Palestine

As I reported earlier, while Joe Biden was in Ukraine giving a lot of our money away and staging air raid sirens to make himself look tough, former President Donald Trump was going to East Palestine, Ohio, to listen to and help Americans who are in crisis. They need to know that people care about what’s happening there.

A train derailment there about three weeks ago resulted in contamination of the area, and the reaction from the federal government has been painfully slow. Joe Biden hasn’t even mentioned it, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg had to be shamed into caring, finally saying on Wednesday that he would be going there on Thursday–after Trump’s visit.

As we reported, Trump brought pallets of water and cleaning supplies to help the people; he had an important thing to say to Joe Biden about what being a president of this country is about, when he was asked if he had a message for him. It was simple and direct, with no malarkey.


Trump said his message was, “Get over here.”

Trump also bought McDonald’s for some of the first responders and other people while he was there.

The people were excited that he cared enough to come.

Some folks there chanted, “No more Joe,” with reference to Biden.

Now, that’s priorities. Joe Biden, this is how a real American president is supposed to act.

  • C. L. Wilson says:

    President was the last REALpresident we had and it is cl;ear we need him again.

  • C. L. Wilson says:

    President Trump was the last REAL president we had and it is clear we need him again.

  • Kat says:

    Trump did the same thing when Louisiana flooded and BO Obama continued on his golf vacation for a week, while Trump was scheduled in opposite ends of the country for rallies he managed to go to Louisiana bring trucks of supplies and go to both rallies..While Obama golfed for a week and BO said he wasn’t going for a week to Louisiana because his presence would draw to much attention. Narcissist!.This is the party who’s every move has proved of ill intent. NO EXCUSES..When Trump went to Louisiana the people screamed we knew you would come..We can’t wait for 2024 we need Biden and the Dems impeached.. Spread what you know as the mainstream has lied about everything.If anyone at this poiint doesn’t know Joe is killing this country and still thinks he should hate Trump . You only hate Trump because the left told you so as that is the only thing they ran on..You like Biden so much go live with him in Ukraine. X22report Rumble whos viewers went from 30,000 to 640,000 reported yesterday that this country is in a disaster with this fake Pres. and there is only one man in this world that is powerful enough to change the world and bring peace back and no that isn’t DiSantis who is not as powerful,financially knowledgeable as Trump or popular as Trump,which the Dems push DiSantis as he is weaker than Trump, as they have not been able to bring down Trump after 6 years of trying they think anyone would be a better person to beat then Trump. We need to get our voices heard. Speak to people we need not be so complacent to our down fall.. Thank God for the miracle of getting the House in our corner..They are taking action.Biden spent Presidents day in Ukraine handing out billions while he ignores Ohio and gives them nothing..Biden needs to go NOW he is NOT our President. Our President was overthrown in 2020.The real insurrection! AFTER AUDITS IN MARICOPA,AZ, LADE COUNTY, WIS and TEXAS a RESOLUTION WAS SIGNED that Jb is an illigitimate president. So for those who don’t know proof of election fraud..NOW YOU KNOW.



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