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Trump Defies Judge’s Orders, Delivers Closing Arguments

Former President Trump delivered his own closing arguments despite the judge overseeing the case placing restrictions on Trump speaking for himself.

On Thursday, Trump railed against New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit, saying he “did nothing wrong” and that his financial statements were “perfect,” declaring the case as “election interference.”

While Trump’s attorney, Chris Kise, delivered his closing statement, he requested permission for Trump to speak. Judge Arthur Engoron had initially denied the request. However, Trump began to give his own remarks regardless.

Trump claimed that his bank loans were repaid and that he was “as happy as can be.” However, the former president did acknowledge a discrepancy that was made regarding one “triplex.” He said that the “error” was “immediately corrected” and was an “honest mistake.”

“When you say don’t go outside of these things, I’m an innocent man, persecuted,” Trump said to Engoron, saying that him not being “allowed to talk about it, it’s a disservice.”

In response, Engoron told Trump to wrap up his remarks in one minute. However, Trump pushed back, saying, “You can’t listen for more than one minute?”

“Mr. Kise, please control your client,” Engoron told Trump’s attorney. Engoron then asked Trump, “Haven’t you been sued before?”

“Yes,” Trump replied, adding, “I did nothing wrong; they should pay me for what I’ve been put through.”

The former president held a press conference shortly after leaving the courthouse in Manhattan, where he railed against James, calling her a “political hack.”

“We’ve proven this case so conclusively, and we’ve asked for directed verdict many times,” Trump said outside the courtroom. “They don’t have any facts. They don’t have any evidence against us.”

James’ office is seeking $370 million from the state and a lifetime ban for Trump from working in New York real estate. Engoron said he won’t issue a ruling immediately and will take several weeks before deciding on the case.

  • Desertrat38655 says:

    Why so long for the verdict.

  • Auntie Vyris® says:

    THIS is the Trump we love: The man who will not allow himself to be smashed with a steamroller.

  • James Leamons says:

    So the judge won’t decide the case for several weeks. Leaving the country, I assume…

  • The Blood on Democrats hands, will be washed away in 2025 says:

    Engeron is a Moraless Moron. What damn Judge wouldn’t extend a Former President two days delay of trial, so he could spend time with his former flotus, while she and family mourn the death of her Mother? That SOAB SHOULD BE SHOT HARD AND HEAD ON IN THE FACE. HE’S ANOTHER WHO HAS A SHORT LIFE. DEMS ARE SPENDING TRILLIONS FOR PROTECTION. ITS OK MONEY CAN’T BUY IT, ONE DAY THEY ALL TAKE THAT FATAL LAST STEP!!!!….Agenda 2025.

  • Peggy says:

    Hes so funny. Trump 2024



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