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Trump Campaign Hit with Gag Order by CNN Days Ahead of Network’s Presidential Debate

On his primetime Fox News show, Jesse Watters reported that CNN has issued a gag order against the Trump campaign just days before they are set to participate in the network’s upcoming presidential debate.

“CNN just slapped a gag order on the Trump campaign, days before the debate,” Watters said.

“We knew Trump’s mic would be muted during the debate, but we didn’t know his campaign’s mic would be muted before it. You can go on CNN and lie about Trump, Russia, call Republicans racist, Nazis, but you can’t say Tapper’s biased. If Jake’s not biased, why is he celebrating Trump losing?” Watters questioned.

Watters continued, expressing his dismay and concern over the fairness of the upcoming debate.

“They’re not only gagging the Trump campaign but also feeding Biden tips,” he added, suggesting a double standard in the treatment of the presidential candidates.

Podcaster Tim Pool also chimed in on this issue, stating, “CNN is now threatening any social channels that provide commentary on the debate stating they will not allow the use outside of CNN Commentary on a presidential debate is the epitome of fair use and we fully intend to provide insight and real-time fact-checking Thursday LIVE.”

This revelation comes after CNN’s Kasie Hunt abruptly cut off Trump’s spokeswoman, Karoline Leavitt, after she brought up Jake Tapper’s history of comparing Trump to Hitler.

Leavitt blasted Kasie Hunt following the interview. “You cut off my microphone for bringing up the debate moderator’s history of anti-Trump lies,” Karoline Leavitt said. “This proved our point that President Trump will not be treated fairly on Thursday.”

President Trump and Joe Biden are scheduled to face off in the first presidential debate on Thursday evening at 9 pm ET. The debate will be hosted by CNN in Atlanta with Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, both known for their critical views of Trump, as moderators. It’s certain that Trump will face unfair treatment on this radical network.

  • Richard S Mundy says:

    If I were Mr. Trump I would simply say to CNN I have better thing things to do with my time than to waste on it CNN.

  • Dorothy says:

    Too bad Trump agreed to go on CNN. We all know they are biased. A network that is working only for Biden. Let Biden talk because everyone knows he is mentally incapacitated This is so damn anti American. What are these traitors getting paid to go against Trump.



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