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Trump Calls for the Release of All Jan. 6 Prisoners in Light of Tucker’s New Footage

On Monday night, following the release of shocking new footage of the January 6 riot, former president Donald Trump called for the release of all prisoners arrested over their participation in the event.

The roughly 40,000 hours of clips, which were released by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and aired on FOX News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, revealed never before seen angles of the riot, casting doubt on numerous claims made by Democrats and parroted by the media about what really happened that day.

“Congratulations to Tucker Carlson on one of the biggest ‘scoops’ as a reporter in U.S. history,” Trump posted on Truth Social shortly after the FOX News host aired the footage.

Trump suggested that the footage “sheds an entirely different light on what actually happened” on January 6. He referred to the “Unselect Committee” as a “giant SCAM,” and deemed them to have “unequivocally been stamped as CRIMINAL FABRICATORS OF THIS MOST IMPORTANT DAY.”

“Pelosi & McConnell failed on security,” he continued. “The Police story is sad and difficult to watch. ‘Trump’ and most others are totally innocent, LET THEM GO FREE, NOW!”

Trump went on to praise McCarthy for allowing the footage to be released, pointing out that as a result, “a whole new, and completely opposite, pictuer has now been indelibly painted.”

On Tuesday morning, Trump called for all the January 6 prisoners to be released, claiming they were “convicted, or are awaiting trial, based on a giant lie,” and referring to the situation as a “radical left con job.”

As Trump pointed out, Carlson is expected to reveal more footage on Tuesday complementing the original batch of clips.

In the footage, it appeared as though notorious “Q-Shaman” Jacob Chansley was escorted through the Capitol. Chansley was sentenced to four years in prison over his involvement in the riot, with Democrats and the media portraying him as a “violent insurrectionist.” Carlson, on the other hand, referred to him and the other rioters as “sightseers.”

Also spotted in the footage were Officer Brian Sicknick, who passed away a day later of natural causes but whose death was attributed by the media to the rioters, and suspected FBI informant Ray Epps.

  • southersgolfer says:

    Well it certainly shines a different light than what the media portrayed. So sad that this had to happen. Pelosi and Schumer should be held accountable but that will never happen. Now that the truth is out, we will see what, if anything gets done about the people who were falsly imprisoned. Innocent lives were lost as well.

    • FROG says:

      Nasty Nancy Piglousy was hung on 12/27/2022 at Gitmo, and Trump wished her good riddance. Schumer is there waiting on his military tribunal, things are happening behind the scene with President Trump, our military, and the white hats.

  • Asha says:

    From what I see in these videos the ‘Q-Anon Shaman’ individual was complicit with the DC police.

    I think the 4 year sentence is a lie.

    This ‘Shaman” was part of the FBI undercover team to foment a riot.



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