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Trump Brings Home Americans from Israel, While Families Beg Biden to Help

Thanks to former President Trump, an American family has returned home safely after being caught in the onslaught hell the terrorist group Hamas has started against Israel.

This week, Yitz Friedman of the American Accountability Foundation thanked Trump for helping him escape the war in Israel by boarding one of the few flights out of the country to the United Arab Emirates— which established diplomatic ties under the Trump Administration.

Randy DeSoto, a reporter for the Western Journal, applauded Trump’s efforts to excavate Americans as terrorist groups ravage Israel, saying that “the world was safer, the economy was stronger, and America was much more respected when Trump was president.”

In September 2020, the Trump Administration orchestrated the signing of the Abraham Accords between the UAE and Israel, which normalized diplomatic relations between the countries. The ties were formed thanks to Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who led the way for the administration’s Middle East initiatives. Israel had never been at war with either nation before, meaning the pact represented formal recognition of Israel’s sovereignty by those two countries.

The agreement was signed at the White House, where Trump was a witness. He announced “the dawn of a new Middle East,” declaring that the deal would “serve as the foundation for a comprehensive peace across the entire region.”

Meanwhile, families of American hostages in Gaza are begging the Biden Administration to act against the inhumane actions against Jewish people.

Nahar Neta, the son of 66-year-old Adriene Neta, a woman captured by Hamas, called on President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken to help those in danger. They condemned the party, saying the Biden Administration is “responsible for bringing the U.S. citizens back home safe and sound. We expect nothing less from the U.S. administration.”

According to the National Review, Rubi Chen, whose missing son, Itay, is an Israeli soldier, pleaded with Biden “to do what they can to make this end for us as soon as possible,” adding that the “U.S. has a lot of resources at its attention. It is able to do many things that can be different than the Israelis can do.”

Reports say that Hamas has roughly 150 hostages and is threatening to kill a hostage whenever an Israeli bomb strikes a Palestinian home without warning.

The National Review claims there has been no attempt by the U.S. government to update or help families desperate to find their missing loved ones.

  • LMS says:

    FJB! This is what he should be doing NOT having a tea party! Well done Trump, You rock and prove why you are the best! None of the so called competitirs for the Republican seat stepped up which shows who is on the ball even with everything going on!

    To All other Republican candidates GO F yourselves as well! You will NEVER be at the level of competency or ability Trump is!

  • SuZ says:

    The evil people want us to believe that President Trump cares only for himself …

    All the glory goes to our Lord and Savior. Thank you Father for hearing our tears of sorrow and prayers for peace.

  • See more says:

    What a wonderful president. I think he helped get some Americans escape from Afghanistan also. I am sure this story will make Biden very ill. Need Trump back NOW

  • Mutha Phucka says:

    $1000 cash, in hand, for the head of Joseph Robinette Biden’s head on a pike.

    I hope some Mudslime takes him out.

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