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Trump Attorney Sends Strong Message to Gov. Ron DeSantis

An attorney for former President Donald Trump sent a strong message to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on the Monday before the midterm elections.

“I think I like what DeSantis is doing in Florida. But, he needs to stay in Florida,” attorney Alina Habba said during an interview on Right Side Broadcasting Network from a Trump rally in Vandalia, Ohio.

“DeSantis is DeSantis because of Trump,” she added.

Trump previously endorsed the governor, who is rumored to be planning a run for the presidency in 2024.

In August, the governor would not tell Fox News if he would support Trump, should the former president run for re-election.

“People have asked me about that, probably about a thousand different times,” the governor said, noting that he was focusing on 2022. “I’m basically, I’m keeping my eye on the ball here in Florida.”

“I know that Charlie is itching to talk about 2024 and Joe Biden,” DeSantis said of Democratic opponent Charlie Crist last month during a debate. “But I just want to make things very, very clear: The only worn-out old donkey I’m looking to put out to pasture is Charlie Crist.”

Earlier this month, Trump took a swipe at DeSantis in a rally, referring to him as “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

In Ohio on Monday, Trump said he would be making a “big announcement” next week at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

After casting his vote on Tuesday, Trump told reporters he voted for DeSantis.

  • Calvin says:

    Trump is always petty and immature. He is Not a good leader for the Republican Party. He has shown the Republicans they need to be more assertive and dynamic and stand strong against the true evil of the lunatic left. Trump did an amazing job as President while under daly attack. Regrettably he is too egotistical to listen and recognize that his petty behavior is a weakness and detracts from his character. I fear his ego will fragment the party. Many Democrats I know would vote Republican IF Trump is not the candidate. Trump has had six years to grow-up and become more statesman-like, more presidential, more mature. In this regard Trump fails miserably – to the detriment of the party and this country.

  • Civil War 2025 says:

    Some of you say DeSantis would easily Win alone, I say he still has to prove himself to the other 49 States yes Florida knows him but but outside looking in we don’t know him, So being a VP running mate with Trump will expose him to the rest of the USA to run in 2028. So I think it would be a mistake to run now don’t do the mistake Marc Rubio & Ted Cruz did running for Office with no exposure Nationwide the rest of us have to get to know you first. You were known in Florida & Texas that’s it! Look at Pence he doesn’t have a chance in hell to be POTUS he showed his real Blue colors as VP that bastard RINO

  • ron says:

    I dont know why its so hard for these politicians and many others, to Understand the Trump Phenomina. What the millions of voters liked was, He said he was doing things for Us, he did what we wanted after we elected him. He said the power belongs to the citizens, NOT the politicians. SO things have changed, and what we Expect has changed. These fools in the GOP think we are going away. Not so. WE arent going anywhere. We expect the same attitude from all our politicians OR we dont vote for them. We can make a Trump party if they want. We want “America Great Again”

  • ron says:

    Vote turnout, the media hawking Trump demise, MAGA voters demise, Ha ! NOT happening. Its like I had said before, even told Ms Rona, Chariwouman, NO More Moderation ! Candidates need to be strong, Conservative, Stand up for Moral Values, Standards, ETC. DeSantis Proves that. No wish washy, No talk of croosing aisle, thats Bull ! The GOP did that for 50 years and we got nothing. Get tough, and learn how to play like the Democrats, and stand your ground for “America First” programs. We didnt get a lot of votes for simple reason, many people think a president is Superman, thats all they need to vote for. BUT ist not. A President can do a lot, but he Needs the Reps and Senators ON His side. Voters need to be Educated. You’ll see, The Deep state and Demoocrat party will DO all they can to stop Trump from running. They are scared shitless he will Disrupt all their private little deals, and using taxpayer money as Their own Piggy Bank.

    • ron says:

      PS” For example: Liberals and Conservatives think they Must accept 100% of the LBTG agenda or will lose. Not so. They dont understand, you can treat a person and his group like other citizens, human beings, BUT you do NOT have to Cater to them, and ACT as tho everything they do is Acceptable. Its not, not to Millions. And you Certainly DONT make LAWS to cater to them and their One Percent ! Things were fine for many years as long as they kept their activities Private. When you start Demanding laws that go against moral values and standards, people get angry. Dont throw Perversion in our Face, and act like it was normal. Its NOT.

  • DustyDog says:

    I’m starting to reevaluate my support for Trump!



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