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Trump Aide Declares Larry Hogan’s Campaign Dead

A top Trump advisor warned Maryland Republican Larry Hogan that his Senate campaign in the state is over after the state’s former governor told voters to “respect the verdict.”

Former President Trump initially planned to refrain from attacking Hogan, despite their strained past, but Hogan’s comments Thursday indicate he might have calculated that going up against Trump would serve him well in deep blue Maryland.

Hogan’s call to respect the rule of law seems to have incensed at least one top Trump advisor.

“You just ended your campaign,” said Chris LaCivita, a senior Trump advisor, on X in response to Hogan’s comments.

Trump was convicted on all 34 felony counts in his New York criminal trial Thursday, making him the first-ever former U.S. president to be a convicted felon.

Hogan was one of the loudest anti-Trump voices in the party during his time as Maryland governor. While he has largely steered clear of talking about Trump during his Senate bid, the Trump conviction has resurfaced the feud.

Aside from blasting the trial itself, the admonishment of Hogan was one of the first punches thrown by the Trump camp after the jury’s decision was revealed.

Hogan’s campaign could be a critical pickup for Senate Republicans who are trying to reclaim a majority in the chamber.

Hogan’s decision to run for Senate in Maryland immediately put the seat in play for Republicans, in a state the party usually would not have a shot in.

But Hogan is still considered the underdog in his general election bid against Maryland Democrat Angela Alsobrooks.

Hogan is also navigating divisions within the GOP in Maryland, with a bloc of the party’s voters in the state attracted to the Trump wing of the party.
However, a feud with Trump could make Hogan more attractive to independents and moderate Democrats.

  • MBeached says:

    I expect this kind of behavior from Republicans. I call Hogan’s type the “Red Democrats” because I truly believe the people are plants from the Democrat Party. Just like the “GOP 20” as most of them roll with the Democrats. Republican’s will NEVER unite. They love fighting amongst themselves and then complain because they never win. Just like in my stat…all they do is argue and fight amongst themselves. That is why i do not contribute to the Republican Party. I send my money to individual conservatives and no party.

  • James Leamons says:

    “Hoooooooogan!!! I see nufting!!! I see nufting!!!”



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