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Tributes Pour in After Hockey Star Dies from Heart Attack

Wayne “Gino” Odjick, 52, who battled his way through a National Hockey League career and fought a debilitating disease for the final years of his life, has died.

Odjick, who played 12 seasons in the NHL for the Vancouver Canucks, New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers, and Montreal Canadiens, according to the Montreal Gazette.

Dubbed a “beloved enforcer” by the Montreal Gazette, Odjick passed away Sunday of a heart attack.

“I was there for the whole thing. He had a heart attack, couldn’t recover from it. We knew this day was going to come, we didn’t know when. We were hoping much later,” said his friend Peter Leech, who had gone with Odjick to the clinic where he died.

“Unfortunately that big heart gave out,” he said. “He lived life, we always joked.”

Canucks Vice President Stan Smyl recalled Odjick fondly.

“He was a friend to me and to you and to all his fans there in B.C. and throughout North America. He was a very special individual on the ice with what he had to do, but off the ice he was one of the most kindest human beings that I’ve met and played with,” Smyl said.

“He was one of the funniest guys off the ice. He was always joking, always having a laugh in the dressing room. And that’s important to have,” Smyl continued. “If there was some pressure situations, Gino knew when to be able to make everyone laugh and ‘let’s be calm about this. We’ll get it done.’”

“The role that he was as a player is one of the hardest roles to play in hockey. And he handled it very well. It’s a role that you, as a player, know what when you have to be, the tough guy and support your teammates. And he was always there for that,” Smyl said.

“And he also knew if, when things weren’t going right on the ice or the team wasn’t playing quite up to their caliber that he can go out and stir it up and get the players excited, to get them involved in game and I guess the best way of saying it, he could bring the team into a fight just by being Gino,” he said.

His sister, Dina, wrote it simply on Facebook, saying, “Our hearts are broken. My brother Gino Odjick has left us for the spirit world.”

Odjick fought as a player and as a man. He announced in 2014 that he had been diagnosed with AL amyloidosis, a terminal and rare disease in which the cells that produce antibodies no longer work properly, according to the Montreal Gazette.

At the time, he wrote an open letter to his fans that said, “I feel very fortunate for the support I’ve received over the years. During my career I played in some great NHL cities including Vancouver, Long Island, Philadelphia and Montreal. In my heart, I will always be a Canuck and I have always had a special relationship here with the fans.”

“Gino was a fan favorite from the moment he joined the organization, putting his heart and soul into every shift on and off the ice,” Francesco Aquilini, the Canucks’ chairman and governor said.

“He inspired many and embodied what it means to be a Canuck. Personally, he was a close friend and confidant, someone I could lean on for advice and support. He will be deeply missed,” he said.

Odjick’s mark of 2,127 penalty minutes has not been surpassed in Vancouver’s history.

Odjick was born in the Algonquin Nation community of Kitigan Zibi in Quebec, according to

Betty Cahoose, health director of the Ulkatcho Indian Band in Anahim Lake, British Columbia, said for that reason he stood out, according to the Montreal Gazette.

“I always remembered him as being the tough one on the team. It was very exciting and we were very proud because he was First Nations,” she said.

  • DZR says:

    The “mysterious” cardiac arrest deaths are getting so numerous that they are getting harder and harder to explain away. smh

    • Tess says:

      There was no mystery to this diagnosis. If you read the article you will see, “He announced in 2014 that he had been diagnosed with AL amyloidosis”. This has nothing to do with the subject you’re alluding to.
      RIP Wayne “Gino” Odjick
      Condolences to family and friends.

  • John says:

    Fake news media forgot to use their covid lab created cover up keyword “SUDDENLY”.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    A few months ago you’d read or hear about an isolated incident, where a teenager, or persons in the 20-37 years of age, (and w/ NO negative medical history), would be experiencing unusual symptoms, totally uncharacteristic for them. In some, they would find blood clots, some got very sick, and some died. Then, a few weeks ago, examples of the effects of these ‘death shots’ (which were mandated by governments, world-wide), were starting to snowball, to dozens of incidents each day. Now, we’re experiencing HUNDREDS of cases daily just in the U.S..


    They’re killing us w/ the (purposeful) release of the COVID-19 virus, the lockdowns, the masks, the mandated vaccines, the ‘boosters’, even the COVID test kits have been found to have harmful chemicals…and the ‘clincher’: What the ‘conspiracy theorists’ were spewing at the advent of the vaccine mandates – is true: IT IRREPARABLY CHANGES YOUR DNA.
    The Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology found that the gene-editing COVID-19 vaccination shots tend to cause, “neurodegenerative disease, myocarditis, Bell’s palsy, liver disease, impaired adaptive immunity, impaired DNA damage response and tumorigenesis.” Another report published by The Lancet in February 2022 that found it causes “risk of infection, elongated hospitalization, and many times death up to 9 months after a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine.” In other words, the first shot COMPROMISES YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, and every shot after that DOUBLES YOUR CHANCES FOR DEATH.

    Recently, there are numerous reports of several embalmers across the United States now noticing “fibrous” and “rubbery clots” inside corpses they prepare. They never saw anything like this until sometime after the COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequent vaccines and boosters. Prior to 2020, 2021, they all stated they probably would see somewhere between 5-10% of the bodies [having] blood clots. Now 50-70% of the bodies have them. These clots have a rubbery feeling and are very long as they exit the veins used during the embalming procedure. They appear like earthworms. They also noticed these same corpses were extremely deficient in potassium, magnesium, and zinc. According to cardiologist Dr. Wade Hamilton “The fact that the magnesium, potassium, and zinc are very low in the samples could suggest that they are not the usual post-mortem clots, that in fact THERE WAS NO BLOOD FLOW IN THESE VESSELS”. Richard Hirschman, a licensed funeral director and embalmer in Alabama agrees w/ several of his colleagues across the nation, in that the cause of the blood clots’ origin is from the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters.


    Thousands around the world have died from inoculations mandated by global elites. and facilitated through country regimes. It’s time for every conservative, patriotic millionaire in this country, (and others who believe in freedom), to pool their resources, escrow a BILLION dollars, hire the best, international assassins money can buy, and (starting w/ George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and Pope Fauci), KILL the top 1000 global elites responsible for this INSANITY – DONE. Anything less, expect more of the same (and to get worse).


    The global elites are in full-gear w/ their NWO agenda. Within 2 years, 80% of EVERYONE who has taken the vaccine WILL BE DEAD – and that includes our military. That’s when China will make its move (through the United Nations), to invade America. Sounds crazy? Think about this: Did you even DREAM what you’re going through today – only 4 short years ago?

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