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Transgender ‘Man’ Who Molested Autistic Children at Therapy Center Found Dead in Jail Cell

A transgender “man” who confessed to molesting autistic children at a therapy center where they were employed has been found dead in their jail cell.

At least one of the victims was still in diapers.

The deceased predator, Leomeir Kennedy, 31, was identified in court documents as a “transgender man” — meaning they were likely born female. Neutral pronouns are being used in this report because the biological sex is unclear.

In April, Kennedy confessed to molesting three children under their care, two of which were patients at the Hopebridge Autism Therapy Center in Greenwood, Indiana, after their phone and laptop were given to police by a colleague.

“A probable cause affidavit stated Kennedy admitted to molesting a child while babysitting in October of 2017. He claimed it happened once while changing the child’s diaper,” Fox 59 reported earlier this year.

Kennedy told police that they chose to work at the center because it was a “victim pool.”

The mother of one of the victims, a nonverbal child, told the station that she began noticing changes in their behavior in January.

“More temper tantrums, more aggression, and self-injuries,” the mother, identified only as “Jane,” said. “A lot more.”

“They can’t talk to us. They depend on them and us. For someone who we have to trust and they have to trust to do something like this is sickening. It’s terrible.”

Fox 59 reported, “Investigators said Kennedy admitted to molesting one child during a diaper change and another child while tickling them. Court documents show Kennedy said one of the children had ‘lust’ in their eyes and described it as feeling like ‘Christmas’ when he touched the child.”

“A search of Kennedy’s electronics reportedly found a search on DuckDuckGo of a ’13-year-old gang raped’ and two sexual images of very young children he received from someone on the Whispr app,” the report added.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that Kennedy was unresponsive in their cell at approximately 9:32 a.m. on Friday.

Prison staff attempted to revive the predator using CPR, but Kennedy was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Johnson County Coroner’s Office has said that there is no indication of foul play, meaning it was likely a suicide.

The predator was supposed to go to trial at the end of July, but it was moved to September.

  • Sicsam says:

    I wish I could done the honors…My rusty pocket knife would have done the same thing!

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