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‘Transformers’ Show Promotes Transgenderism to Children

An episode of “Transformer: EarthSpark” sparked controversy by introducing a non-binary robot character to its young audience.

A viral clip shared Thursday on Twitter by Libs of TikTok shows Nightshade, a non-binary identifying alien robot, tellsingSam, a self-identifying she/they, about preferred pronouns.

“My pronouns are they/them,” Nightshade said in an introduction to Sam.


The two characters sat down atop the roof of a building. Sam shared the sentiment that the world is a “scary place” where it is “hard to know whose dangerous or not.” Nightshade agreed, disappointed.

“Hey, it’s ok. I know I’m safe when I’m with my friends or other non-binary people,” Sam said, comforting Nightshade.

Sam explained that non-binary people are individuals who don’t identify as male or female. After a silent pause, she apologized to Nightshade for assuming the robot was also non-binary.

“I always knew my pronouns felt right, but what a wonderful word for a wonderful experience,” Nightshade responded.

Another segment from an earlier episode shows a human character tell Optimus Prime, a robot character, that Nightshade uses they/them pronouns.

“He or she just doesn’t fit who I am,” Nightshade said.

Optimus Prime apologized, referring to Nightshade as “they” in an act of affirmation.

Twitter users expressed outrage toward the series, viewing its themes as propaganda. Political commentator Megyn Kelly retweeted the viral clips, denouncing the show as “disgusting.”

“Transformers: EarthSpark” is based on the toyl ine by Hasbro, who owns and distributes the series through streaming service Paramount+. The show was released in November 2022, featuring a mix of human and robot characters navigating life on Earth, which must be protected in the aftermath of a war between Autobots and Decepticons.

  • Tressa says:

    So many stupid people out there!

  • Joe ShoweredwithDaughter says:

    Don’t Support Paramount or Hasbro. They can take their rotten toys and their they/them pronouns and stick it all up their perverted a$$holes.

  • Nate says:

    All I can say is, “We will never have leaders again like Our Founding Fore Fathers”! They are truely gone forever.

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