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Trans Weightlifter Wins Women’s Competition

A so-called “transgender” weightlifter sparked backlash after winning a competition against women earlier this month, according to several reports.

The weightlifter, Vicki Piper, competed at the Masters National Championships in Reno, Nevada this month.

Piper’s total combined weights outscored the runner-up by 17 kilograms (via the New York Post):

Piper lifted 123 pounds in the snatch and 156 pounds in the clean and jerk, for a combined 279 pounds, which bested her closest competitor. Krista Dornbush, by a combined 37 pounds, the outlet reported.

The weightlifter celebrated the victory on Instagram, where she wrote: “First National weightlifting meet for me,” adding, “#transwomenarewomen.”

“Thank you, USA Weightlifting, for hosting such a well thought out and supportive event here in Reno, Nevada,” Piper wrote.

BREAKING: Man wins 1st place in women’s weightlifting competition.

Vicki Piper, a male, competed as a woman at the Masters National Weightlifting Championships this weekend in Reno, NV.

He won first place, beating out all the other women in his category.

Vicki is a cheater. He is not a winner. Why are women standing for this??

“Progressives used to argue in favor of Title IX for women to compete separately in sports. Now they argue for men to compete against them,” former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy wrote. “They used to say the sex of the person you’re attracted to is hardwired on the day you’re born. Now they say your sex is totally fluid.”

“We need to get men out of women’s sports once and for all!” Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert wrote.

In recent years, men who pretend that they’re women have infiltrated women’s sports, beauty pageants, makeup brands, clothing brands and more. Not to mention, these men are trying to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms with biological females.

  • david L dempsey says:

    He must be so proud of himself.

  • John sweet says:

    There is a tee shirt that says “God created Man and women, democrats made up all the rest!”

  • suzie says:

    Fk this LOSER. He will NEVER be a woman…Im so sick of this bullshit.

  • Mario Lozano says:

    Transgender people are ugly as sin!



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