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Trans-Identified Male Runner Breaks New York School’s Women’s Records Again in Track and Field

At a track and field meet held on Friday in Rochester, NY, a trans-identified male runner with the Rochester Institute of Technology broke two school women’s records that were previously held by the student.

Sadie Schreiner placed first in the Women’s 200 and 300-meter races, with a time of 25.27 in the 200 and a time of 40.78 in the 300.

The 300-meter race times was over 2 seconds ahead of the first female runner and the 200-meter race time was one second ahead. According to the school, Schreiner received an Atlantic Region Championship qualifying time.

For comparison, Schreiner’s times would have placed the athlete in 18th place in the men’s 200-meter race, and in 10th place in the men’s 300-meter race.

Schreiner, formerly known as Camden, competed on December 8, 2023, at a track meet at Nazareth University in New York, taking first place and setting the record of 41.80 in the women’s 300 meter race. According to the Daily Mail, at the same meet one year prior, Schreiner placed 19th in the men’s 100-meter race.

In response to the win, Riley Gaines, a former University of Kentucky swimmer who had to compete against trans-identified male Lia Thomas, wrote, “The thing that never happens happened again.”

“Women’s records mean nothing if they’re set by men,” she added.

“Another male NCAA women’s record breaker. Women’s records are for WOMEN!” wrote the Independent Council on Women’s Sports.

“What a joke,” wrote Taylor Silverman, another female athlete who has experienced competing against a trans-identified male.

Olympian Mara Yamauchi wrote, “Same as in parkrun – males stealing female records which will probably be out of female hands forever. All for what? To indulge men’s feelings.”

  • Willie1955 says:

    Transgender do not break women’s records, they are failures they couldn’t make it in mens sports so they claim to be women. If they are going to allow transgenders to compete then make a transgender class where they compete against each other and keep them out of real women’s sports.

  • Bonnie says:

    It is INSANE for athletic competitions to allow transgenders to run with the women. How can any intelligent person not be aware of the scientific fact that male muscles are more powerful than female? What universe did the organizers of sports come from? Women fought for years to have sports teams and they are caving in to these trans ripping away their chances. Unbelievable!

  • I Hate TRANSGENDERS says:

    This is only temporary. Right now it’s the only thing a trans has to be proud of. They are inadequate, in the male dept. They aren’t strong enough to be real Men. So they physically and mentally are kicking Womens asses. They deserve it. To stand by and just let it happen, without beating the shit out of every trans whom trys to impose their weird and freakish fetish on them is totally a women’s fault. The Men ain’t saving you weak ass women who want fight. I hope they run you all back to your sidewalk chalk games. But soon enough they’ll take that from you too! Sorry Girls not sorry anymore. Time to defend your biological anatomy. And choose to put trans in Male/ Female/ Trans category. Let me catch one of these going into a girls restroom. I’ll slit the MFKRS NECK. WITHOUT NOTICE.

  • Peter says:

    as long as women continue playing with them, they will capitalize on their weakness.



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