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Trans-Identified Biological Male Daycare Worker Charged with Sexual Abuse of Infant in Kentucky

Kentucky transgender daycare worker Maria Childres is accused of sexually abusing a baby while changing the child’s diaper, according to official documents obtained by WPSD Local 6.

The Paducah Police Department got a complaint of the alleged abuse on February 8 from the Kentucky Department for Community Based Services after an anonymous tip came in about trans-identified male Childres, 25, who was employed at the Explore Learning Academy in November when the crime allegedly took place.

According to the local outlet, a police citation says a witness at the childcare facility corroborated the details of the complaint, and the daycare’s director said she was already aware of the allegations and had written up Childres over an incident regarding inappropriate comments.

Childres, who identifies as a transgender woman, was arrested the same day as police investigated the center and initially denied touching the baby’s diaper in an interview. However, Childres switched the story after the investigator read a text the daycare worker sent to the director confirming the diaper change.

While admitting to changing the diaper, “Childers then maintained that he had not made inappropriate comments or touched the baby sexually,” reported women’s sex-based news site Reduxx.

According to the outlet, Childres was hit with a charge of first-degree sexual abuse of a victim under the age of 12, and is incarcerated in the McCracken County Jail with a $100,000 bond. As the publication reports, the official sex listed on the jail’s inmate roster is “male.”

Childres is scheduled for an arraignment hearing on March 23.

It is unclear what Childres’ employment status is with the Explore Learning Academy.

  • Tamirose170 says:

    We need to stop placating Pedophiles, rapist and child abusers – period! They should be sentenced to DEATH within 2 yrs time after being caught. IF the molestation is caught on Tape/Video/Record and they confess, openly and provide details to corroborate what is seen on the video = then all of their rights for Appeals are removed as you have double evidence confirming the crime. Stop allowing them to work the “system”. These children grow up and have a higher chance of being a criminal, a sexual deviant themselves and ruining others lives. After 30+ years, there is less than a 5% chance they can be rehabilitated = so why spend the $$$ – – Let’s help the National Budget and take them out to the desert, wrap leg irons on them and tie them off to concreted poles in the ground w/hard caliche – let the wild animals & elements take care of them. IF we don’t put FEAR back into our Punishment Element of our Justice System, our crime rate will continue to SOAR as it has been since BLM 2020 when law-abiding citizens lived in fear all over the USA as they ravaged towns & cities. Empty every offenders Bank Account if sentenced to Death and those that are not sentenced to death still should have all of their assets & belongings auctions off to pay for their “care” while incarcerated. Taxpayers who obey the laws should not have to continue to pay for those who fail to live by Laws & Rules. PUT the punishment part in our Criminal System to DETER it – – Society has lost all respect for our Dept of Justice ~ (do we blame them?)…ENOUGh! We could load a plane and drop them in El Salvador or another 3rd world country that would hang or behead them IF they touched a child or women = I don’t have a problem with that punishment either. They keep cleaning out their prisons and sending them our way – Tit for Tat Time.

  • Cathy says:

    They are sick people. You cant hire them to be around vulnerable people!!!
    Just put that daycare center out of business.
    Go woke go broke

  • Nina S. says:

    If you still have “male parts” YOU ARE NOT TRANS GENDER! You are a cross dresser at best! All this so called push for acceptance of these deviants is nothing more than trying to make these sexual preferences acceptable to the general population. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. It is wrong and we are allowing America to become one big Sodom and Gomorrah, and we all know what happened to them!



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