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Top Reporter Reveals Why Tucker as VP Is a ‘Real Possibility’

New York Times writer Maggie Haberman told The Dispatch podcast on Monday that former President Donald J. Trump is planning to gather a group of loyalists around him for his potential administration.

In response to rumors about Tucker Carlson could be his pick for a running mate she said, “It’s a real thing that I am hearing as a possibility.”

According to The Daily Caller, Haberman told the podcast’s host Jamie Weinstein, “The likelihood of it, I don’t know. I think there will be a pretty professionalized vetting process, honestly.”

She continued, “I know that might sound unbelievable based on what we’ve seen from Trump historically, but Trump’s current political team is the best — at least as a non-incumbent — that he’s had, and there’s just a different level of control.”

Many commentators have suggested that Trump learned the dire consequences of staffing issues quickly in his first administration.

Trending Politics has reported on the potential political team-up since Trump teased the possibility on Nov 9th during The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show when he said:

“I like Tucker a lot. I guess I would consider him. He’s got great common sense.”

Two weeks later Carlson appeared alongside Trump, Kid Rock, and UFC President Dana White at UFC 295 at Madison Square Garden in New York generating massive speculation.

The massive response of the New York City crowd was described by podcast legend Joe Rogan.


“When he [Trump] walked out of Madison Square Garden, it was f*cking bananas,” Rogan explained. “The whole place was cheering. He walks out to Kid Rock’s ‘American Bad*ss’ with Kid Rock — Tucker Carlson walking in like the right-wing Avengers, and the place went nuts!”

Donald Trump Jr. opined on the question of a possible Vice Presidential run for Tucker Carlson posting a video to X with the comment, “The debate against cackling Kamala is reason alone to make this happen.”

Trump, Jr., described the possible move as “one way to make sure this election is as entertaining as possible would be to have Tucker Carlson as our VP nominee.”

“It was epic,” he added. “It started off even more of the Tucker Carlson VP talk. Now obviously Tucker’s a friend, I think he’s brilliant. He’s got incredible ideas. And I think he’d be great. I would endorse that ticket right now.”

Trump, Jr., continued that he of course “can’t put words” into his father’s mouth, but said “If you needed any more reasons to have Tucker Carlson as VP, I have a couple of words for you: Imagine the Tucker Carlson-Kamala Harris Vice Presidential debates. That’s it!”

  • Alfred says:

    I have like the idea of Trump as President and VP DeSantis. Reason four years with Trump then 8 years with DeSantis. That’s 12 years of GOP of control of the top and possible cleaning of the Swamp that’s been pushing communist thinking in the USA for 60years in every aspect of our life. Maybe before that?

  • See more says:

    I remember the secret e-mail that Tucker sent someone, that he hated Trump, so I say no for him to be VP.

  • angrybill says:

    It’s hard to imagine a better Vice-Presidential candidate. That said, I wouldn’t want Tucker’s incredible popularity coupled with his earning capacity get in the way of his VP choice. Hard to imagine anyone who would be better off in the private sector than Tucker but VP would be a serious step down in earnings plus his need to divest himself of conflicting business’s obligations.

    Anyway, I surely like him.

  • Larry says:

    From a get things done prospective, I can’t think of anyone better as a VP choice. From a political standpoint, because politics is so screwed up, Trump has to weight that factor in. But as far as the best candidate that would help the American people and our Country as a whole, the combination of Trump and Tucker would be the absolute best. As to Tucker, I’d like to see him run for President at some point. He’s, honest, well educated for the job, and is ethically sound; Qualities like that, especially in politics, are far and few between. While Tucker would be doing a major service for what’s ailing this country, because politics is so plagued with dirty ruthless people, I’m not sure he would want to put his family through all the nastiness the swamp would put him through. That aside, a Trump/Tucker Whitehouse would be a dream come true!

  • MarLovesTrump says:

    Tucker would be AMAZING as VP,,,not just to debate the cackling hyaena, harris, but because he is a TRUE PATRIOT, and LOVES THIS COUNTRY AS MUCH AS TRUMP DOES! It would be BRILLIANT!

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