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Top Libertarian Endorses Trump After Party Nominates ‘Gay Race Communist for President’

After Chase Oliver was nominated to be the Libertarian Party’s nominee for the 2024 election, a top Libertarian in the movement came out and endorsed Donald Trump for the election instead, citing Oliver’s radical views as the reason and calling him a “gay race communist.”

After calling Trump supporters socialists at the convention over the weekend, popular Libertarian Jeremy Kauffman posted that he would be voting for the presumed Republican nominee over Oliver in the election.

“Yesterday, I held up this sign calling Donald Trump supporters socialists,” Kauffman said.

“Tonight, the Libertarian Party nominated a gay race communist for president. With those choices, I’m standing with Donald Trump.”

Senior Editor at Human Events Jack Posobiec noted of the situation, “Trump got the Libertarian Party to implode itself. It will take them years to recover (if ever) from the optics disaster of that clownshow convention.”

In response to the endorsement of Trump from Kauffman and other posts supporting Trump in the 2024 election, many Libertarians and others online found it ironic that the pick could drive many Libertarians away from Oliver as the nominee and instead to Trump as a Republican.

“Dear Donald Trump, The libertarians offer you a pro-opened borders, pro-transing children, pro DEI, LP nominee, who will garner just 1% of the vote, now we’d like to speak with you about the senior & cabinet positions you promised libertarians on Saturday,” Josie Glabach, known as the Red Headed Libertarian, said in a post.

Tim Pool said, “Trump won the LP after all.”

Another user posted, “Chase Oliver is the best Libertarian Party candidate for helping reelect Donald Trump.”

Dave Smith, another Libertarian, stated, “Ironically, Chase winning is the best outcome for Trump this weekend. Much better than a standing ovation at his speech.”

Trump had been booed by some members of the audience when he gave a speech at the Libertarian convention over the weekend.

Actress Bette Midler thanked the Libertarian party for nominating Oliver.

During the final round of voting, Oliver got 60 percent of the delegates, securing the nomination for the 2024 election. Since then, more of his political views have been reported on, such as his defending of Antifa, being in favor of open border policies, as well as allowing minors to take puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for sex changes.

  • FLA-GAL says:

    The LP was stepping back from nominating and running for major offices like president/vp, concentrating on state races. To go from viable candidates like NM Gov. Gary Johnson and 2020’s Jo Jorgenson, to THIS abject brain-dead twat-waffle is disconcerting. I suggest this moron reject the nomination, or most of us die-hard Libertarians will turn our backs on you and leave the party.

  • KatyK says:

    Want to downgrade this Country even more? Vote libertarian. That should put us completely under the chart. Encouraging this kind of stuff for our children is Satan’s work!

  • Auntie Vyris® says:

    What a joke. This is Sodom.

  • Breadwoman says:

    I LOVE Jack Poso’s comment: ‘Trump got the Libertarian Party to IMPLODE on itself!’ I luv it!!! He did! And he KNEW he WOULD!!! That’s why he went there. He has this knack of knowing ‘how to’ turn things around by letting the dominoes lined up against him ‘fall backward’!!! I love it!!! It’s much the same as how he’s causing the Swamp to drain itself. I LOVE IT!!! He said he would, and he’s doing what no other Republican has ever even ventured to TRY. And that’s why they’re all in AWE of him though they may not want to be… He’s just too GOOD to NOT STAND WITH HIM! He’s the BEST!

  • guest says:

    A gay race communist! Why not add black female trans and cover all bases!



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