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Top Democrat Rep. Throws Cold Water on Biden’s 2024 Prospects

President Joe Biden is not running for reelection in 2024, according to a comment by Democrat New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney in an interview published Saturday with The New York Times editorial board.

“Off the record, he’s not running again,” Maloney said, apparently unaware her comments were on the record. “Not off the record. On the record,” editorial board member Jyoti Thottam interjected.

“On the record? No, he should not run again,” Maloney, who is running for reelection in New York’s 12th Congressional district replied.

This isn’t the first time Maloney was forced to answer whether Biden should or will run again. On August 2nd, during a Democratic primary debate Maloney said of Biden: “I don’t believe he’s running for reelection.”

She later walked it back in a CNN interview. “If he decides to run, I’m supporting him. I’m supporting him and I don’t have other comment,” Maloney said.

“I think that he’s done a terrific job and most recently the inflation reduction plan. There are so many good things in it for the economy and for people. And I’m supporting him if he runs. OK?”

Maloney is facing off against Rep. Jerry Nadler in a member-on-member primary in the newly redrawn 12th district. Nadler is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and originally represented the neighboring 10th district until it was redrawn this year.

Maloney isn’t the only Democrat in her primary to deflect a question on Biden’s political future. Nadler also sidestepped the question, claiming it’s “too early to say,” and that it “doesn’t serve the purpose of the Democratic Party, to deal with that until after the midterms,” according to Business Insider.

  • Deon says:

    Hey Maloney…don’t forget to the heels of them boots you’re licking

  • ELAINE67 says:

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