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Tomi Lahren Evacuated as Leftist Mob Pounds Doors at University of New Mexico

College campuses don’t like free speech, at least when it is conservative speech.

On Thursday, Tomi Lahren was schedule to speak at a Turning Point USA chapter at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. A violent mob stormed the Student Union forcing Lahren to leave under security escort.

Protesters can be seen trying to breach the doors to the room where Lahren was speaking while security tried to keep them out.

Lahren shared on Twitter, “Campus terrorists showed up at my @UNM speech tonight and UNM did not care. They shoved officers and tried to bust down the door to the speech room. These colleges are unbelievable. They don’t care about the safety of conservative students or guests. Sickening.”

On Instagram, Lahren shared, “State police had to be called to my speech tonight at UNM after rapid and repulsive liberals tried to break down the door and attack me and the speech-goers. Apparently University of New Mexico is unbothered by the abhorrent and violent behavior of their students. Thank you to all the patriots who stood strong and supported me despite the animals outside. Thank you to the law enforcement officers who got me out safely. Thank you to @turningpointunm for hosting me. God bless and take care.”


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Red State reports:

Lahren, her father, and several members of the TPUSA chapter were barricaded in a back room in the student union for 45 minutes while campus police called in reinforcements from the Albuquerque Police Department and the New Mexico State Police, according to an Instagram Live video Lahren posted shortly after getting to safety.

Turning Point officials confirmed Lahren’s account and provided video from TPUSA chapter members exclusively to RedState.

Lahren’s appearance had been advertised by the group for weeks, and, as usually happens, the anti-free speech/anti-free thought crowd made their displeasure known and threatened to protest. In her video Lahren said she’d heard rumblings about a protest, but thought it would be the normal.

The mob celebrated stifling free speech like the fascists they are.

  • Anna says:

    Glad you are safe. It’s a long hard battle. Ty for getting the courage to do what you do!! A# 1

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