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Tim Tebow Sounds Alarm on Magnitude of Human Trafficking in US

Tim Tebow has taken up a new fight away from the gridiron, one that is more impactful than running a ball in between the tackles or trying to throw a dime to a receiver 25 yards away.

The former Florida Gators star quarterback is going head-to-head against human trafficking.

Tebow spoke on “Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich” about the Unknown campaign and his work in anti-human trafficking and child exploitation to help locate thousands of children who have been abused.

“Our heart is to try and combat it in and every way possible to be able to be on the front lines to push back this evil,” Tebow explained. “Our biggest heart right now is with this Unknown campaign because in one of the law enforcement databases there is at least 50,000 boys and girls that have been abused in such severe ways and also, nobody has been able to identify or located them.

“That is why this campaign is called the Unknown campaign because our heart is to be able to identify them, to locate them and then be able to rescue them. We just believe every single life is worth us doing everything possible to be able to get to them because we know they’re not unknown to God. They’re known to God and they better be known to us. We better be willing to do everything and anything we can to get to all these precious lives.”

Tebow agreed that most Americans don’t know the magnitude of what’s going on right in their own backyard.

The former Denver Broncos star said human trafficking is going on in all types of neighborhoods.

“It is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world. A lot of those studies and reports are actually also believed to be underestimated. It is growing. Some of the different campaigns and videos that we actually shot, we’ve done it in neighborhoods that have been really nice because we wanted to say, ‘Look, in this neighborhood, in this area, it’s been right here.’

“And you know, sometimes people have to open their eyes. This isn’t just something that’s taking place in a third world country. It is taking place in these third world countries but it is also taking place right here in America.”

Tebow’s full interview on “Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich” will air at 9 a.m. ET Monday.

  • Sue s says:

    Democrats don’t seem to care. Wonder why???

  • Rothom says:

    Who wrote this article? Jeez! Is proofreading a job anymore?

  • Bret says:

    It took the movie ,Sound of Freedom to wake up the US to this evil. This means that our government has been keeping silent and doing nothing about the situation. Wonder why????

  • Nancy says:

    Kudos to Tim Tebow for standing up for these abused children. My question is why haven’t more celebrities stood up? Get off your lazy asses and do some good and save these kids. I’m especially talking about the Kardashians who are to busy trying to look like idiots on a weekly program then to do some good for society.



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