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Thug Shoots Elderly Couple in Their Truck After Street Racers Surround Them and Refuse to Let Them Pass

A gunman shot an elderly couple in their truck early Sunday morning in southwestern Florida after street racers surrounded the victims, jumped on their vehicle, and refused to let them pass through an intersection.

The victims were trailering a boat with their truck when they were stopped at the intersection of Milwaukee Boulevard and Homestead Road in Lehigh Acres around 4 a.m., WBBH-TV reported. Lehigh Acres is about 30 minutes east of Fort Myers.

Lee County sheriff’s deputies told the station in a follow-up story that the couple was on a trip to Key West.

But a “car club” was blocking off the intersection for street racing, deputies told WBBH, adding that several people broke away from the larger group, surrounded the elderly couple’s truck and boat, and began to hit, punch, and kick the truck. Some jumped upon the truck and the boat, the station added.

Before the victims were able to drive away, investigators told WBBH that an individual they’ve identified as 17-year-old Armando Cruz ran up to the truck’s window and fired into the truck. The station said both victims suffered gunshot wounds but were able to drive away and get medical help.

“We were going on a family vacation down in Key West for the week,” Cody Langford, the victims’ grandson, told WBBH. “My grandma hasn’t really been out of the house … She’s had some health complications, but we finally talked her into it going last night at 9 o’clock.”

Langford added to the station that “my grandpa drove up to the intersection, and there’s a group of about 100 street racers out in the open. They jumped on my grandpa’s boat and jumped on the car [and] were absolutely crazy. My grandpa then backed the boat up, hit a car behind him, and then turned around.” Langford told WBBH that’s when his grandparents were shot.

Langford’s grandmother was released Sunday from Gulf Coast Hospital, WBBH said, but his grandfather remained in the ICU.

“If you’re shooting a 74-year-old man in up toward the face area, you’re going for the kill,” Langford added to the station. “This person deserves to be locked behind bars for a long, long, long time. You know, we just pray, we pray these guys get caught.”


Cruz was arrested Monday, WBBH said, adding that he faces the following charges: two counts of attempted murder, two counts of aggravated battery, shooting into an occupied conveyance, discharging a firearm in public, juvenile with a firearm, occupied burglary to a boat, aggravated rioting, possession of a firearm during a felony, and criminal mischief.

Cruz is no stranger to law enforcement. WBBH said he was arrested for beating a disabled man in a wheelchair in North Fort Myers last summer after video of the attack was posted on social media.

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno added to the station that two others also were arrested: 19-year-old Robert Moya and 22-year-old Saviok Woods. WBBH said they face charges of aggravated rioting after the sheriff’s forensics team matched their fingerprints on the victims’ truck.

  • Quasimodo 2020 says:

    Feral animals get euthanized and so should this kid who has clearly shown he has gone feral like a wild animal. Society will never be safe as long as that person is free on the streets.

  • That WPOS ought to eliminated.

  • vickie says:

    arrest all of them and throw the key away for cruz the shooter….dont let him out ever again …he is a repeat offender and always will be…in texas if this had happened…all i can say is locked and loaded because i would fear for my life….

  • John says:

    This is exactly why every legal good American non-criminal citizens need to be fully armed even if they can’t afford it, the rest of Americans should make sure they are armed, as long as this country is invaded and under attack by a Criminal coddling, corrupted communist coup d’etat , and defective communist government that rather see you dead than lose a couple votes from they’re violent Democrat program and indoctrinated aisle agencies, supported by entitlement Thug monkey criminals who should have legally lost their right to vote because they violated this country’s physical and moral laws and lost that privilege especially they’re not mentally fit to vote because of their continual sick heinous crimes like this, all the children of seniors need to make sure that their elderly parents & all other senior citizens who want to feel safe ,are trained & armed especially if they live alone, it is our duty to protect them since we have a Democrat fascist Thug monkey embracing, pedophile protecting, criminal corrupted, child molesting, Epstein Island vacationing, anti-constitutional hating judges, Judicial Systems,& corrupted 3 letter facist treasonous tyrannical agencies

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