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Three Female Nursing Home Workers Arrested on Suspicion of Unspeakably Vile Sex Acts

Three female nursing home workers have been arrested for the appalling crime of taking overtly sexual photos of the dead elderly patients bodies.

The revolting behavior at the Golden Age Nursing Facility in Guthrie, Oklahoma came to light in April when a former employee alerted the Guthrie Police Department.

‘Some employees were involved in sending some inappropriate pictures of their patients, we found pictures of some deceased persons,’ Sweger told KFOR. ‘We found some pictures of the suspects playing in pubic hair.’

The three suspects facing elderly abuse charges are 21-year-old Jade Williams, 21-year-old Aubrey Granata and 20-year-old McKenzie Bolfa.

‘They had excuses for some of their behavior, but it didn’t really match up with the evidence that we had uncovered,’ said Sweger.

According to court documents, the three women exchanged Snapchats of the elderly patients between each other.

One video reportedly showed an elderly resident in bed, wearing only a shirt and diaper, with fecal matter on his socks and on the bedding.

‘It’s probably one of the saddest things,’ said Sweger. ‘We take service to everybody very responsibly, but especially for those who don’t have a voice for themselves.’

Investigators reportedly found another video depicting a male resident lying on his stomach, unclothed from the waist down.

Additionally, photos allegedly surfaced showing deceased residents at the facility, with workers mocking them post mortem.

Authorities emphasized their commitment to a thorough investigation of these serious allegations.

‘Without us and without other people that care, there’s just no justice,’ said Sweger.

A statement from the director of the nursing home Tandie Hastings to KFOR reads:

‘Golden Age Nursing Home endeavors to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents.

‘Upon receiving information related to certain allegations against its employees, the facility began working with local law enforcement and other appropriate authorities to respond.

‘The employees involved had cleared background checks, were educated related to resident’s rights/safety and have been terminated from employment.

‘We are committed to protecting the privacy and safety of the residents and families involved and will continue to keep them updated with any developments related to this matter.

  • IamFubar1 says:

    Counts of elder abuse, sexual assault, desecration of a corpse, invasion of privacy, illegally producing pornography, etc. for each time they committed these despicable acts on vulnerable people.

    There should be a massive amount of prison time plus being forced to register as sexual predators for the rest of their lives.

  • Sherri Hostuttler says:

    how sad!



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