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This Sign at the Pro-Hamas Rally Outside the White House Really Says It All

Thousands of pro-Hamas supporters invaded DC and surrounded the White House today. These terrorist supporters set off smoke bombs, committed acts of wanton vandalism, and subjected the public to overall mayhem and chaos.

Some of the signs were outrageous, including a “F*gs for Hamas” poster. That really does say it all, doesn’t it, concerning the Left’s illogical and immoral attachment to radical Islamic terrorism?

Others were much more violent, “We got the Guillotine you better run!” Another pro-Hamas activist is captured holding up a bloody mask of Joe Biden. Is that supposed to be a mock beheading? Or it could be that the president has the fake blood of the genocide that’s not happening in Gaza all over him. These people are insane.

The dude with the “F**k Israel, stand with Hamas” serves as another reminder that this is and never was about Palestinian rights and freedoms—it was all about hating Jews and destroying Israel.

Julio Rosas captured a bunch of Park Police and Secret Service being booted from Lafayette Park after apparently failing to arrest an unruly protester.

As Spencer wrote this morning, a daring raid led to the rescue of four Israeli hostages taken since the October 7 attacks. As some noted, if Israel had listened to Joe Biden and refused to move into Rafah, this rescue would never have been possible. I’m sure these pro-terrorist clowns are furious about that development.

  • Mike from Missouri. says:

    Can anyone suppkyvoroof that any of these “peaceable” protesters ever donated a box or can of food to the people caught in this foray?

    I’ll await can answer….

  • frank says:

    Waiting for the video when someone pulls out a ak or something similar and takes out a pile of these third world wannabes…. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time



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