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This Is the Reason Why the Jan. 6 Committee Canceled Wednesday’s Hearing

The January 6 Committee about the riot at the Capitol building in 2021 announced on Tuesday they will postpone Wednesday’s scheduled hearing due to Hurricane Ian making its main impact on Florida during the same day.

But it turns out it was more than just optics about holding an overtly political committee hearing while parts of the country face a natural disaster.

PBS NewsHour Correspondent Lisa Desjardins reported the January 6 Committee did not like the fact cable news coverage would be mainly focused on the hurricane.

Hurricane Ian is expected hit the Tampa Bay area of Florida hard, which has been a cause of extra concern since the region has not been directly hit by a hurricane in many decades and the influx of new Florida residents who have never experienced such a storm.

  • W. Hamil says:

    These narcissistic egotists on the latest partisan Witch Hunt don’t want to share media attention with a HURRICANE!

    How very inconsiderate and rude for this Hurricane to strike when they want the spotlight all to their pathetic partisan selves!!

    NEWSFLASH!!! Everyone with a functioning brain realizes this Committee is an unethical joke and nobody is watching these hearings regardless of whatever time, date or place they may choose for airing their fabricated partisan lies.

  • will says:

    Cancelled or not doesn’t matter; all knew we’re losing and not getting no where to win this thing also was a waste of money and tax dollars!
    Seems they don’t talk abt this history did exists:
    Look up Peurto Rico Ambush at congress of April 1954. This happen because PR was long long waiting to become a state and become USA. Still to this day not happen and now DC is considering to become a state.
    Seems PR is still forgotten and maybe not on the list.
    History has been removed and can be repeated since many don’t know this then can happen again like if becomes first ever to happen in future when it really happen back in 1954. Just hope doesn’t happen again.
    Nice try covering this up government and Jan 6 committees!

  • Dorothy says:

    We are sick of these corrupt people keeping at this like a bunch of blood thirsty vultures. We do not want to pay our tax dollar to something that is just another Political stunt. Give it up now. You idiots are not going to win. Move on to more important issues going on in this country right now. The Black crime wave in which you gave them the “Get out of jail card”. These people just turn you against them so what are they really trying to do.

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