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Thief Steals ATV from Parking Lot — Watch the Moment He Gets Instant Karma

Shocking video footage has emerged showing the moment a thief gets his comeuppance for attempting to steal an ATV.

A viral clip that has been making rounds on social media captured the startling moment when the unidentified individual, allegedly involved in an ATV theft, meets an abrupt end when he crashes directly into a tree just seconds later.

The footage depicts the man driving out of a parking lot in the blue ATV, only to shortly after collide head-on with a tree at full speed.

In a split-second, the vehicle is propelled upwards, sending the alleged thief airborne.

Onlookers rushed to the scene following the collision, presumably to check on the condition of the man involved.

It’s unclear at this time when or where the incident occurred – or if the suspect obtained any injuries.

Earlier this week, a New Jersey woman died after an ATV accident in Adams County on Sunday.

Evelyn Pineda Guadron, 22, of Hightstown, New Jersey, was injured following the ATV accident and succumbed to her injuries at the scene of the crash.

Guadron reportedly lost control of the Yamaha all-terrain four-wheeler vehicle she was driving when it went off road, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

‘Due to the decrease in elevation just off the roadway, [Guadron] fell off the vehicle,’ the release said.

According to US Consumer Product Safety Commission latest data, more than 800 deaths are caused yearly by off-highway vehicles.

An estimated 100,000 emergency department-treated injuries are also reported every year.

  • Hrb says:

    Karma a bitch!!

  • A. Michaels says:

    And today’s winner of the Darwin Award is…….



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