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‘They’re Going to Lose Their Liberties’: Clarence Thomas Issues Dire Warning

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas warned Americans that “they’re going to lose their liberties” in a new book, according to Business Insider.

Thomas was interviewed by co-editor Michael Pack for more than 30 hours between Nov. 2017 and March 2018 for the book “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words.”

Thomas reportedly said Americans are not interested in the Constitution.

“I think we as citizens have lost interest and that’s been my disappointment. That certainly was something that bothered Justice Scalia, that people tend to be more interested in their iPhones than their Constitution,” Thomas said, according to Business Insider. “They’re interested in what they want rather than what is right as a country.”

Thomas said while Americans’ disinterest in the Constitution isn’t an issue for the Supreme Court, it is an issue for Americans themselves.

“It’s a burden on them, the citizens,” Thomas reportedly said. “They’re going to lose their liberties.”

Thomas added while the court does its best to protect liberties, it is just “one part of the effort.”

“You protect your liberty. It’s your country. We are one part of the effort, and it is the obligation of the citizens to at least know what their liberties are and to be informed.”

“I think we are allowing ourselves to be ruled when we turn all that over to someone else and we’re saying, ‘Rule me.’ Does it mean we get to make all the decisions?” Thomas reportedly said. “No. We have a system for doing that, but a part of that is our role in it, and our informed role in it, not what is said on TV, not what is said by some half-informed person.”

  • Brontefan says:

    I remember when in the 1960s, Liberals kept telling us all they wanted was a safe, legal abortion law. Who knew they would take the it from 1st trimester to 2nd, partial birth, and now infanticide–where the newborn waits on a table to be drowned in saline solution? Liberals have no conscience and they always push things beyond common sense. What’s next? Eliminating your toddler? Clearly, the numbers couldn’t be this high if woman used birth control. And for the RECORD: I am absolutely interested in our Constitution! I wanted the SCOTUS to take the Texas case and view the massive evidence of voter fraud and manipulation in the 2020 election. We have such a horribly corrupt government–DOJ, FBI, EPA, DOL, et. al. and those in D.C. use the LAW to advance their own political agenda, including government employees who should know better, but are willing to lie to advance the Marxist goal. How did we get here? Well, our country is divided thanks to hate and misinformation. People think socialism is the answer; they believe that until they wake up and discover they are no longer free. Thanks, 0bama.

  • KatieC says:

    Justice Thomas is absolutely correct. Most young people today have no idea about our Constitution, what it says, why it says what it says. They take liberty for granted because they have always had it. They don’t know how it has been saved for them. It’s heartbreaking. I have my pocket Constitution on my side table and refer to it often. I love history and I love reading about our history. That seems to have taken out of our education system from what I’m reading and hearing from parents. Terrifying. “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Sir Winston Churchill.



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