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These Companies Are Promising to Pay for Their Employees’ Abortions After SCOTUS Decision

Dozens of major corporations are responding to last week’s landmark Supreme Court ruling on abortion by offering to pay for their employees to travel out of state and attain abortions.

Companies from virtually every sector of the economy have put out statements or clarified existing health care policies to ensure that female employees who wish to get an abortion will have costs covered for traveling and getting the procedure. Companies that have announced these plans include some of America’s largest, like Disney, Netflix, Meta, Apple and Nike.

Other companies that have made similar promises include Dick’s Sporting Goods, JP Morgan Chase, Paramount, Lyft, Yelp, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Tesla, Alaska Airlines, Bumble, Uber, Kroger, Adidas, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Starbucks, Amazon, Salesforce, DoorDash, Zillow and HP.

Policies vary from company to company, with some offering to cover all expenses incurred to attain an abortion, and others giving employees a fixed limit of funds for travel and medical expenses.

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday, as many as a dozen U.S. states are expected to fully ban abortion in the coming months. In that event, women from those states seeking abortions could potentially travel to another part of the country with looser abortion laws to terminate their pregnancies instead.

That prompted corporations to pledge to cover those travel costs for employees if they wish to get an abortion, although some legal analysts predict there could be hurdles in doing so.

Some critics claimed the companies are motivated to cover abortion costs because it would be cheaper than supporting a new mother with policies like paid maternity leave.

  • Randie says:

    It is much less expensive to pay for abortions then it is to pay for women with children or women that are pregnant. Those companies are doing it for their own bottom line.

  • luvthablues says:

    Only because these companies know it’s cheaper to pay travel expense for an abortion than maternity leave!

  • Joianne Pettigrove says:

    If a company is willing to subvert the government, what are they willing to do in a business transaction with you and me if it is to their benefit. They are telling me a story. It is not one in which I am willing to participate.

  • LaShawn says:

    If these companies are going to pay for their employees to kill a baby, then they should be required to pay for all the expenses for the women who choose to give birth to their babies – you know, tit for tat. You can notice all of these are liberal-run businesses – makes it real easy to not do business with them. We never go to Disney anymore; just canceled my Chase Visa cards through JP Morgan; most of the others I am not involved with to begin with.

  • OF COURSE they will pay for their employee’s abortions- it makes economic sense since it will keep family health costs down for the employers since they will not have to fund bigger families. Much cheaper to encourage abortion!

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