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There’s Been a Major ‘Security Breach’ on Biden’s Trip to Ireland

President Joe Biden’s visit to Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Wednesday hit a bit of a hiccup when local authorities helping the United States Secret Service secure the president misplaced a document containing “detailed sensitive security information” on Biden’s movements.

The security document was reportedly found “on a street in Belfast” according to an American “law enforcement official” who confirmed its authenticity and local officials are sheepishly admitting to the “security breach.”

A Secret Service spokesperson told Fox News that it does “not discuss the specifics of any protective operation,” but said “the President’s movements were not affected by these reports.”

As USA Today reported:

The document contained names of Belfast police and postings, but nothing related to the Secret Service’s operations, which oversees the president’s security during foreign trips, or its security plans.

The security breach came a the terrorism threat in Northern Ireland was considered “severe” for Biden’s visit to mark the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, which ended three decades of civil war in Northern Ireland.

Despite the breach, the U.S. Secret Service expressed continued trust in local authorities.

“The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) informed the Secret Service of media reports regarding a potentially sensitive document, which may contain law-enforcement material,” the agency said. “While we do not discuss the specifics of any protective operation, the President’s movements were not affected by these reports.”

The Police Service of Northern Ireland issued a statement to news outlets saying it was “aware of a security breach” of what they said was an “operational order” and that an investigation into how the sensitive document ended up drifting through the streets of Belfast has been launched.

The document reportedly detailed how PSNI planned to keep Belfast secure during Biden’s overnight stay in the city. A man named Bill called into a BBC radio show to say he was the one who found the document and “found it alarming…It gives you details of roads being closed, who the commanders are, phone numbers. I just think it’s a bit crazy to have it lying out there in the street,” Bill told the BBC host.

The U.S. Secret Service also said that it has the “highest confidence in our Irish and European partners and the ongoing security of the visit.”

  • Byedumb sucks says:

    Don’r forget, not only did he take his corrupt son Hunter with him, he also took his corrupt sister.

  • CE says:

    Damn!, I was praying someone got it & was gonna shoot the worthless wast of air & end all our misery & make the days something better. That’ll b the day to have a real celebration. FJB & the camel he rode in on, children might be safe again on that day. God please strike these pedophiles to hell where the came from.

  • April Featherkile says:

    What is the point of this trip? It is costing US citizens millions of dollars. Did his family members pay for this vacation? If he wanted to visit his roots he could have done so during his prior 50 years and on his own dime!!

  • Sadie says:

    It’s getting ridiculous that Biden is still the Potus, (or is Obama involved in running the WH?) Why are Americans letting this happen? China is taking over the world to make America reduced to second fiddle. The Obidens are above the law, I guess. They’re so proud to show the world their son, their source of income. Shame, and sad what America has turned into.

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