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The WEF Wants to Introduce a CO2 Budget

In an article about climate change published on 14 September 2022, the WEF again shows its true intention — the enslavement of the global population in the same of its religion: scientism.

1. “While transport and buildings are the major drivers for emissions in cities, the share of individual emissions is significant.”

Individual CO2 emissions are marginal compared to volcanic and solar activities (i.e. indirectly leading to CO2 emissions), wars, etc. In addition, there is no trustworthy proof that man-made CO2 emissions have a significant impact on this planet’s climate. IMHO the contrary is the case. CO2 stimulates plant growth and will make this planet greener again.

2. “Personal carbon allowance programs have had limited success due to a lack of awareness and fair mechanism for tracking emissions.”

There is simply no need for tracking individual CO2 emissions. Instead, we should track anti-democratic behaviour and prosecute those who want to turn this planet into a huge Open-Air-Prison.

3. “Yet there have been major developments in recent years that could help realise “My Carbon” initiatives.”

No, thank you. The only initiative I’ll support is the “Lock up Klaus Schwab initiative.” I don’t want to become a transparent citizen. We all know the plandemic was used to prepare governments and institutions worldwide for this misanthropic step. We won’t fall for it, and we will never wake up in 1984 again.

  • This cocksucker wants to keep putting more and more pressure on home owners on small business owners This is the guy who says we should be allowed to own property We can live where we are but we have to pay them rent if are still farming what use to be yours and you have a super year they sell off what they don’t need and you get a wage There is no incentive and who wants to give up what they have worked for This guy is a very bad man and he is so greedy that it is killing him to own and control the US and our own Janet Yellen Told their committee that they need 150 trillion to get the program started She is supposed to be representing the citizens of this country as the Secretary of the Treasury We have people that are working for us but no they are working against us We will see how it all turns out to see just how many go to jail

  • Shane Mann says:

    Darth Schwab and the WEF are enemies of the human race. The greatest environmental threat is geoengineering by the US and other governments, not manmade carbon.



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