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The Creepy Reason Why You Don’t Want to Put Alexa in Your Bedroom

Many people have Amazon Echo devices (better known as Alexa) in their homes. However, you might not know that although you can technically keep your Alexa device anywhere in your house, you should never keep it in your bedroom.

Why can’t I keep my device in my bedroom?

The Alexa device is handy for a variety of things. It can do anything from playing your favorite music to answering questions you don’t feel like searching for yourself. However, because the device is designed to take commands from the sound of your voice, it is naturally intended always to be listening and, therefore, can record your conversations without your consent.

Everyone who purchases an Alexa must consent to the fact that it could often be recording you, so it may give you more peace of mind by keeping it in the same spot you feel comfortable having company in.

Because it’s technically always recording, keeping the device away from the more intimate parts of your home, such as your bedroom and bathroom, would be wise.

Instead, leave your Alexa in spaces where you’d be more likely to host guests, such as the living room or kitchen.

Who hears my conversations that Alexa is recording?

As unsettling as it may seem, the staff at Amazon likely hears some of the private conversations you have near your Alexa device. Amazon confirmed this as true; however, it ensured customers that the staff only listens to the conversations for research purposes to improve the device’s understanding of human speech for future updates. Every member of the Alexa staff at Amazon reviews up to 1,000 audio clips per day.

Can I switch off the recording device on my Alexa?

Many complaints were issued to Amazon when people discovered they were being recorded without their knowledge. Due to the negative feedback, Amazon has since adjusted its Alexa settings so that users can turn off its recording device if they wish to. Here’s how to stop your Alexa from recording you at all times:

  • Open the Alexa app on your smartphone
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Privacy
  • Tap Manage Your Alexa Data
  • Select How Long To Save Recordings
  • Select Don’t Save Recordings and select confirm
  • Scroll down to Help Improve Alexa
  • Go to Use of Voice Recordings and toggle it off

How to fully stop Alexa from snooping on you

You can Mute Alexa Echos – the speaker or display will have a mute button that looks like the image you see in the photo below. Tap that, and a red light will appear on your device – this means Alexa will stop responding to commands.

If you want to stop Amazon and Alexa from snooping on you completely, be sure to unplug any Alexa devices when not in use. Don’t forget – Alexa is always listening!

  • Crash says:

    Don’t want “Alexa snooping on you”? DON’T GET ONE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

    I will NEVER have one of those things in my home. The damn phones are bad enough!

  • Jenny says:

    Why has 0 new Devices that use Voice Commands has always known they listen and record you. No need for an Invited Snoop into your life.

  • EZ says:

    everyone with a cell phone is being spied on 24/7

  • Darlin1111 says:

    I don’t understand why people buy that device…



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