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The Biden Admin Is Seething Over One Particular Twitter Account

The Biden administration is seething over an opposition research Twitter account run by the Republican National Committee that draws attention to President Joe Biden’s public gaffes, according to Politico.

The RNC Research account shares videos of Biden, White House staffers and prominent Democrats that paint them in a negative light as part of the Republican Party’s messaging strategy.

Democratic strategists have accused the account of lying and view it as the most toxic account on Twitter, according to Politico.

“SUPERCUT: 2 minutes of Joe Biden promising middle-class Americans would not pay ‘a penny more in taxes’ under his administration. He lied,” the RNC Research account tweeted Saturday along with a video of Biden making that claim on numerous occasions.

“It’s like they handed the keys over to some nihilist teenage s***posters who wanted to see how fast they could get reporters to discount everything they say,” an unidentified Biden campaign alum told Politico. “They think crowing about intentionally lying makes them tough when it really just worsens the feedback loop.”

The account has drawn attention to economic woes under Biden’s leadership, possible crimes committed by his son Hunter Biden, the president’s frequent vacations and verbal gaffes that raise questions about his mental fitness.

“Did Joe Biden just announce he has cancer?” the account asked after Biden said “that’s why I and so many damn other people I grew up with have cancer” while discussing his exposure to oil slicks in an apparent slip-up in July. Biden had non-melanoma skin cancers removed before he was president.

The account recently shared a flashback post of a 2019 speech in which Biden said “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids” in another apparent gaffe.

RNC Research appears to view the Politico article as an achievement. It used a screenshot of the Politico headline “The White House’s least favorite Twitter account” as its new header image.

“If only the Biden White House and Democrats were focused on real issues instead of spending their day whining about an RNC Twitter account,” RNC spokesperson Emma Vaughn told Politico. “Do your jobs.”

“We are so sorry this is happening to you, @WhiteHouse,” the RNC Research account tweeted in response to the article.

  • Phil Barberg says:

    OOps Twitter censors missed this one. It will be removed very quickly. Can’t allow any Republican postings on Twitter..



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