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The Atlantic: Did a Famous Doctor’s Covid Shot Make His Cancer Worse?

Michel Goldman, 67, a top European immunologist and vaccine expert, believes a COVID-19 booster shot accelerated the growth of his cancer.

In a report published on Saturday, speaking in long detail with The Atlantic, Goldman recounted the events leading up to this revelation.

Upon receiving his lymphoma diagnosis, Goldman rushed to get the booster shot, believing the cancer may leave him vulnerable to COVID-19.

After receiving the shot, Goldman’s follow-up CT scan showed something odd. In only a few days, the cancer had grown so fast that lights were showing up all over Goldman’s scan.

“It looked like someone had set off fireworks inside Michel’s body,” The Atlantic reported.

Both Goldman and his brother, Serge, a fellow scientist, had a sneaking suspicion that the booster shot was responsible.

Of course, the timing was certainly suspect. Also, Goldman’s initial CT scan before receiving the booster shot showed the lymphoma asymmetrically distributed on Goldman’s left side. This was the side on which he had received his first two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

After receiving the booster shot in his right arm, the cancer flipped to his other side.

The two brothers spent much time researching how this could possibly have happened and eventually co-authored a medical study titled “Rapid Progression of Angioimmunoblastic T Cell Lymphoma Following BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccine Booster Shot: A Case Report.”

The study shares a hypothesis about how the boosters could potentially exacerbate cancer growth, but also notes that any “extrapolation of the findings of this case to other patients” would be “premature.”

According to The Atlantic, Goldman hypothesizes that the booster shot may overcharge helper T Cells, the cells responsible for helping warn the body to produce antibodies to fight infection.

Rather than fight cancer, this “overstimulation” could possibly accelerate its growth.

Despite some second-hand reports to the contrary, there is absolutely no evidence that the booster may “cause” cancer, but rather that it might possibly induce the progression of it, The Atlantic reported.

After the study was published, Goldman received a message from a doctor interested in its findings. According to The Atlantic, the doctor’s mother was diagnosed with the same case of lymphoma as Goldman but only after receiving the COVID-19 booster shot.

Then, Goldman received yet another email from a woman whose sister had the exact same issue.

The Atlantic notes that these cases could be coincidences. Or, they’re signs of a growing pattern.

  • MsEmmaRose says:

    Some of the information I am receiving is saying that these boosters are further compromising your immune system. Since Cancer is a challenge for some people’s immune system, compromising that immune system seems logical to me that the cancer would get worse…those that have a predisposition for cancer would develop cancer. I am a two times organ recipient on immune suppressors and a diabetic. I was exposed to COVID several times and did not get it! I do take my cold and flu supplements in the season, but with this COVID I continued taking them all year long. I too Zinc, D3, C, and I eat plant based for lots of fruits and veggies. Oh and I did I mention I am a diabetic? Yet I never got Covid…not even a cold nor the flu. I do not take the flu shot either. I am also a child that didn’t get immunizations, I had the diseases except polio. Never caught it. I still believe in natural medicine. After all before Big Pharma, we were curing these diseases and our cancer rate was low. Common Sense…

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