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‘That’s Obviously the Play Here’: Matt Walsh Has an Interesting Theory on Why Trump Might Get Arrested

The possibility of the Manhattan Criminal Court indicting former President Donald Trump on charges related to hush money payments to Stormy Daniels has led to a variety of theories around the inevitable political fallout to come.

Though the charges reportedly to be brought against Trump initially don’t appear to be anything that would land him in jail for even a day, the possibility of handcuffs and a perp walk for the former president has Democrats salivating and conservatives, even Trump critics, aghast that partisan politics have descended so low. This is the stuff of banana republics and Third World dictatorships, not what was not so long ago the beacon of the free world.

As to the motivations, assuming there are any beyond blind hatred for the former president, former Trump advisor and attorney Jenna Ellis suggested that the goal could be to “keep him from being able to raise enough money for a serious campaign.”

Some, including Dilbert creator Scott Adams and Trump defense lawyer Joe Tacopina, believe the move could propel him back to the presidency:

But with a drained war chest and potential donors shying away, it seems unclear how the former president could win what would already be an extremely tough general election against any Democrat.

Enter the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, who suggested Saturday that the motivation could be to make just enough of a martyr out of Trump to ensure he wins the GOP nomination – even against a potential strong challenger like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – but ultimately runs out of steam and loses the general election.

“They want Trump to be the Republican nominee,” Walsh wrote Saturday morning. “That’s obviously the play here. There is no other conceivable reason to arrest and perp walk him on a bullshit misdemeanor charge. I might be overestimating the tactical intelligence of the idiot power-hungry hacks behind this. But if there is any political strategy then that has to be it.”

I think Walsh is on to something. If Democrats want Trump to be the nominee – and if you watch two seconds of MSNBC punditry you’ll know all arrows point to yes on that score – it’s because they know he can be easily beaten in the general. They can’t wait to ignite their base and replay January 6th footage from the time Trump is nominated until the day Biden or whoever replaces him wins in an Electoral College landslide. Their worst nightmare, on the other hand, is someone with Trump’s policies but none of his baggage, like DeSantis.

Finally, I’ll leave you with BlazeTV host Steve Deace raising another potential motivation that Trump’s most earnest supporters should certainly watch out for – a replay of January 6th.

  • Leo says:

    I will donate to his campaign no matter what they do it is all BS politics at its best for the dems it will back fire ppl will donate and all the small donations will make a big pot for him,



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