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Texas School Shooter’s Mother Speaks Out About Her Son

The mother of the deranged 18-year-old maniac who gunned down 19 children and two teachers at a Texas elementary school said she was “surprised” by his deadly outburst, claiming “my son wasn’t a violent person.”

Adriana Reyes said her son, shooter Salvador Ramos, “kept to himself and didn’t have many friends,” but denied the two had a volatile relationship, the Daily Mail reported.

“My son wasn’t a violent person,” Reyes told the outlet Wednesday. “I’m surprised by what he did.

“I pray for those families,” she said. “I’m praying for all of those innocent children, yes I am. They had no part in this.”

According to reports, Reyes struggled with drug use and had kicked her troubled son out of her home — forcing him to move in with his grandmother, who he shot before his unthinkable rampage.

The grandmother, Celia Gonzalez, remains hospitalized.

Police said Ramos crashed his pickup truck in a ditch near Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and stormed into the school with a semi-automatic rifle.

He killed 19 kids, two teachers, and wounded 17 others before he was shot dead by cops.

Ramos had legally purchased two AR-15 assault rifles on his 18th birthday, and took one of them into the school before he opened fire, police said.

His mother said the two last spoke on Monday — his birthday — and “had a card and a Snoopy stuffed animal to give to him,” she told The Mail.

The incident is the second-worst school shooting in US history, behind only the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut, that left 20 youngsters and six educators dead.

“Evil swept across Uvalde yesterday,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday. “Anyone who shoots his grandmother in the face has to have evil in his heart.”

  • Theresa Salazar says:

    The police stayed outside of the school for a hour before going in. By that time we can see the results. More lives would of been saved if the police reacted sooner

  • Pamela Cohen says:

    Crashing his truck in a ditch says alcohol or drug use. Let’s stop throwing the word Evil around. No father, Mom not available or Dad, but a Grandma who stepped in. Her influence or treatment of this young man is unknown. Sounds like he was mistreated by kids. Was he here legally? If not, the lack of schooling and being set back is not a winning ingredient.

    Norms set by drugs and guns by Obama in Fast and Furious to destabilize Mexico have and will effect us for decades.
    We can’t think the truth will be told to the public. We’ll have murders until the 2nd Amendment NWO/WFE Reset FBI/CIA freaks are in prison or hung.

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