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Texas Ranchers Who Experienced Brutal IRS Audit Issue Dire Warning to Middle-Class Americans

What will the 87,000 new Internal Revenue Service agents that the Democrats’ new tax and spend bill aims to hire mean for you? Just ask David and Deborah Hajda.

The Hajdas own the Raising 5 Cattle Company in Thorndale, Texas. Thirteen years ago, the IRS audited them thanks to, they say, an engine rebuild on one of their tractors.

Appearing on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Tuesday, they had a five-word message to anyone who doesn’t take the prospect of an IRS audit seriously: “They want to get you.”

The couple appeared on the same day that President Joe Biden signed the cynically misnomered “Inflation Reduction Act” into law.

In addition to spending gobs on the Democrats’ climate agenda and attempting to lower health care costs the liberal way for the zillionth time, the bill seeks to raise revenue by increasing taxes — and by squeezing more tax money out of those whose tax rates will remain the same.

The most controversial component of the program, arguably, is stepping up IRS enforcement, with 87,000 new agents being added to the force. This stepped-up enforcement, we were told, would be affecting big corporations and those making over $400,000 — although in practice, that’s never how it works.

Take the Hajdas’ case. The couple initially went viral after sharing their story on their company’s Facebook page.

“Can you imagine a government coming into your home and you have to give them everything? It shouldn’t have happened to us,” the post read. “It’s about to happen to you too if you own a business.”

“We got audited over basically a $7,800 engine rebuild on a very old tractor,” Deborah Hajda said during her appearance on Fox’s “America’s Newsroom.”

“They just said this was a red flag, and we’re going to audit you, and we’re coming to your house.”

Deborah told the network she asked if faxing her bank records to the IRS was an option. After all, that would prove where the money went to.

But, no: Agents came to her house and insisted on seeing the records for themselves.

“I took out our box of receipts … and we handed it to him, and I said ‘Here’s your receipts’ … We weren’t hiding anything,” she said.

The couple said they’d kept the necessary tabs on all of the expenses for the repairs, since they couldn’t afford to replace their tractor. That didn’t mean the auditor was through milking them, though. Instead, he asked for three years of their financial records.

“He wasn’t satisfied. He kept digging, kept digging. He ended up nailing us. Our tax person was giving us 80 percent on our work vehicles, and he said, ‘No, you can only do 50 percent,’” David Hajda said.

Deborah was shocked over the kind of license that the IRS had to look into their affairs.

“I was very naive about the situation. I had no idea of the power, the scope [of the audit] going in, three years of my life … and me having no control over that, no control over the information he was given,” she said.

“It was very invasive. You feel very attacked because that guy wanted to go back and say, ‘I got her.’”

Host Dana Perino asked David whether he thought the agent had sought them out, so he could hit his quota.

“Probably. They said it flagged it because our expenses were high that year, and it was because of this repair,” David said.

“They want to get you. If they’re coming after you for an audit, they don’t want to see your receipts and go, ‘Oh, OK, you’re good,’” Deborah said.

“They are going to nitpick your life apart, and that’s not what the American dream is for self-employment, small business. That’s just a kick in the teeth to do that to people living the American dream.”

Sadly, the Hajdas’ American dream is different than the Biden administration’s American dream, in which the president’s ambition to radically transform our economy has only been limited by a lack of resources to do so.

Those resources can be effectively dug up, though, by buttressing the IRS and making it more aggressive. Nearly 100,000 agents will certainly do the trick nicely. And make no mistake: They’re not just coming after people making over $400,000, and they don’t just want to see your receipts.

  • Ray Smith says:

    I won’t let them on my property or in my house. I will use any means (a sis my right ), necessary to remove trespassers off m y property and not allow them “IN MY HOUSE”, period. i have that right as a American Tax payor/registered voter, etc. The government (federal, state or local), does not have the right to bust in an Americans house and invade their lives, period. Show me a piece of paper with a judges signature o it and “WHAT” you want to look at, and the “Probably cause” for the search/audit. Probable cause is more than “Mere Suspicion”.

  • Michael says:

    Time to shutdown the IRS and scrap the tax code.

    Line 1: Earnings
    Line 2: Amount scumbags in Washington want
    Line 3: Your tax

    Done. Easy. No need for so many agents. And best of all everyone can be confident they’re taxes are correct.

  • D.T. Smith says:

    Planned harassment by the CCP/DNC to make Americans give up. We will NEVER give up

  • ilene says:

    it is time to close down the IRS , go to a flat 10% tax rate for everyone and let the taxpayer specify where they want THEIR money to be spent. I”ll bet it won’t be on welfare or green energy crap



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