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Texas Military Refutes Dem Congressman’s Claims That It Didn’t Try To Save Drowning Illegal Aliens

The Texas Military Department shot down claims over the weekend from Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) that it did not assist in rescue efforts of migrants who were drowning in the Rio Grande River as they tried to enter the U.S. illegally.

Three migrants, a female adult and two children, drowned near Shelby Park in Eagle Pass on Friday night while attempting to cross the river.

“Border Patrol attempted to contact the Texas Military Department, the Texas National Guard, and DPS Command Post by telephone to relay the information, but were unsuccessful,” Cuellar claimed. “Border Patrol agents then made physical contact with the Texas Military Department and the Texas National Guard at the Shelby Park Entrance Gate and verbally relayed the information.”

“However, Texas Military Department soldiers stated they would not grant access to the migrants – even in the event of an emergency – and that they would send a soldier to investigate the situation,” he continued.

“Earlier today, Saturday, January 13, 2024, the three migrant bodies were recovered by Mexican authorities. Border Patrol personnel were forced out of Shelby Park earlier this week by the Texas National Guard under order of Governor Abbott.”

The Texas Military Department quickly disputed Cuellar’s claims, saying that it received word about the migrants who were in distress at the same time the Border Patrol did.

“TMD had a unit in the vicinity of the boat ramp and actively searched the river with lights and night vision goggles. No migrants were observed,” the Texas Military Department said.

“At approximately 9:45pm TMD observed a group of Mexican authorities responding to an incident on the Mexico-side of the river bank. TMD reported their observations back to Border Patrol and they confirmed that the Mexican authorities required no additional assistance.”

It was at this point that the Texas Military Department ceased rescue operations.

“At no time did TMD security personnel along the river observe any distressed migrants, nor did TMD turn back any illegal immigrants from the US during this period,” the statement added.

“Also, at no point was TMD made aware of any bodies in the area of Shelby Park nor was TMD made aware of any bodies being discovered on the U.S. side of the border regarding this situation.”

  • Terri says:

    They have no business coming to our country.

  • Frank says:

    Of course it was a female and kids…



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