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Texas High Schooler, 16, Collapses and Dies After Winning Cross-Country Race

A Texas teenager tragically collapsed and died at a cross-country meet moments after breaking his personal time record, according to local reports.

Angel Hernandez, a 16-year-old sophomore at Chisholm Trail High School, had just completed a 5K at a district track meet in Haltom City in Tarrant County on Oct. 13 when he collapsed right after crossing the finish line, witnesses told KHOU.

The teen’s concerned friends walked him over to a water fountain where he fell again. He was rushed to a local hospital where he died an hour later.

Brent Brevard, who coached Hernandez at Chisholm Trail High School last year before retiring, said he was the ideal student-athlete.

“He worked hard and cared about his teammates,” he told the outlet.

“But then he also acted right in school and took care of his grades.”

“He’s such a great kid, a likable kid, a good student, and it was awful news,” Brevard added.

Friends and family still do not know what caused the teen to collapse after running one of his best races.

Hernandez’s funeral was held on Friday, where his family was presented with a varsity letter jacket, KHOU reported. Later that night at the high school’s homecoming football game, a moment of silence was held in his memory.

The teen also had a passion for martial arts, according to his obituary, and competed in competitions across the country.

His karate coach, Ashley Wood, said that she has been comforting his devastated teammates since his death. She said he showed no signs of illness before his collapse.

“He made you love him with his personality,” she told KHOU. “He had an infectious smile. The moment of silence, it helps us know that he was loved by everyone.”

Wood launched a GoFundMe campaign to help Hernandez’s family cover funeral costs.

“It’s really hard. We’ll never get over it. We’ll never forget him. He’s going to be missed here, but he’s going to be loved always,” she said.

Hernandez is survived by his parents, Antonio and Elsie Hernandez, and his younger brother, Mark Hernandez.

  • OkayRenee says:

    The insurance actuaries show that deaths, especially in the younger ages, are up exponentially since the release of the covid jab. In this sad story, they don’t refer to the shot, but most athletes did receive the injection in order to participate in sports. This young man’s death breaks my heart for the family. They never thought they would lose their son when/if they said okay to this shot. I am concerned for my own family members who were talked into receiving this useless and often deadly Frankenstein concoction. The makers used humans as lab rats to make money. Why not? They won’t be held liable for the plethora of side effects that have killed so many already as well as sentenced the rest to an early death due to the damage to their bodies. I am sick of Walgreens and CVS ads still promoting this “vaccination.” It is not a vaccination in the true sense of what we know as a vaccine. These drug stores have to know about the deaths and the harm caused from the side effects of the Covid jab, and yet they continue to push this dangerous shot. I am almost 70, and I will not say yes to any of the shots my doctor is pushing for seniors such as the pneumonia jab, or any other “vaccine.” I don’t trust most medical systems anymore. They are married to the pharmaceutical companies, therefore, the focus is on the money and not the safety and health of the patient. The oath these medical professionals take is meaningless. “First do no harm” is at the bottom of the list for far too many doctors, and that is sad.

  • Paula Roelofs says:

    Hmmm … the funeral has already occurred and still no cause of death? And the medical establishment wonders why so few trusts them anymore.

  • Lincoln Brown says:

    Another victim of the poison jabber.
    Wake up people.

  • Tamirose170 says:

    Who should be covering his Funeral Expenses should be the School District that “mandated” that he take the VAXX before returning to school or participating in Sports. THe next person responsible and the most LIABLE is President Joe Biden. NEVER in the History of America has a man so hated the Americans he was elected to represent, our safeties he was solely in charge of protecting that he “MANDATED” a liquid into our bodies, against our own personal rights; that was NOT scientifically sound or safe. Joe Biden knew that the Clinical Trials were inept. Studying the Vaxx on 23 mice for LESS than 30 days does not provide VALID scientific results – NO President should ever have the Constitutional or Executive Right to push an “experimental” products into our bodies especially after it FAILED >80% of the time to prevent what it was intended to do. Joe Biden should be in Jail and Prosecuted and be held responsible for the Millions of deaths HE caused – – along with the dismantling of Johnson & Johnson, Moderna & Pfizer and distribute every red cent they have and claw back ALL of the Billions that Biden, Fauci, Collins, Walensky and so many other govt “officials” made on the Virus they intentionally released onto the World. Joe Biden for Hell ~ and soon!

  • TD says:

    This is happening an awful lot lately, That is why i say that there is some Big Pharma big shots that need to be indicted for murder over that vaccine they were pushing to make money, They knew it done this the whole time

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