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Texas Declares State of Emergency Due to Surge of Illegal Migrants

As roughly 4,000 migrants have crossed the border at Eagle Pass, Texas, in a day, the town issued an emergency declaration as it tries to combat the flood of illegal immigrants coming from Mexico.

Border patrol sources said they join approximately 7,500 other migrants who have handed themselves in over the last week.

According to a source with the Texas Department of Public Safety, a large migrant caravan crossed the Rio Grande, and the thousands are now being held under the bridge in Eagle Pass, with more reportedly on the way, ABC News 7 reported.

Mayor Rolando Salinas of Eagle Pass signed an Emergency Declaration after the new surge of migrants started arriving at the weekend.

Salinas also stated the city of Eagle Pass would not be opening a shelter: ‘We don’t have the funds or resources to do that.’

Videos posted to social media show hordes of migrants in Eagle Pass, as lax policies by the Biden Administration continue to allow floods of aliens into the US and inundate southern cities.

‘The City of Eagle Pass is committed to the safety and well being of our local citizens,’ Salinas said in announcing the declaration.

‘The emergency declaration grants us the ability to request financial resources to provide the additional services caused by the influx of the undocumented immigrants.’

The rush of migrants into the town also led the city to shut down Eagle Pass Bridge 1 at 6pm local time. Vehicles were forced to use the second bridge to cross into or return from Mexico.

The closure was because of the significant migrant influx, city leaders said.

Eagle Pass is one of the border towns that has been crushed in recent months by the influx of migrants.

Valeria Wheeler operates a shelter in the area and told WOAI in San Antonio, Texas, they plan to open a new shelter on Thursday. That will take their space from 8,000 square feet to 25,000 square feet.

‘The big difference here is that we are offering space for up to 200 people to stay overnight. Mothers and children will be more comfortable,’ Wheeler told the outlet.

A migrant from Venezuela at the shelter made the trip with her 18-month-old son. She said she crossed the Darien Gap in Panama before riding on trains to the border.

The woman added if she knew today what she did when she left, she would not have embarked on the dangerous trip.

The US border has seen a flood of migrants from across the world, not just from Central and South American nations such as Venezuela and Mexico. There have been migrants from China and other places entering via the porous southern border.

The 2022 fiscal year saw record-breaking numbers of encounters with migrants at the Southwest border with 2,378,944 reported crossings from October to September.

In 2023, through July, there have been 1,973,092 – many of them coming as Title 42 expired.

The number of migrant crossings in August is set to exceed 230,000, according to Fox News.

The jump in crossing has grown in recent years with a mere 458,088 crossings reported in 2020 during the worldwide COVID pandemic.

Most migrant encounters are single adults, at 64.9 percent, but almost 600,000 are individuals in a family unit and there have been 109,298 unaccompanied minors crossing the border.

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