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Temple University Police Officer Fatally Shot in Head — Suspect Identified

18-year-old Miles Pfeffer was arrested as a person of interest on Sunday in connection to the fatal shooting of Temple University police officer Christopher Fitzgerald on Saturday.

While he has not been named as a supsect, police did use the fallen officer’s handcuffs in the arrest.

Fitzgerald was trying to intervene in a carjacking when he was shot.

Pfeffer was reported to have come from a wealthy family, reported ABC’s Beccah Hendrickson.

Pfeffer was arrested in Buckingham Township, in Bucks County, Penn and was transferred back to Philadelphia by police.

Steve Keeley of local Fox news reported images from Pfeffer’s social media, showing the suspect posing while holding cash and taking “cash money gangster pictures.”

The shooting happened near 17th Street and Montgomery Avenue on Saturday night.

Jason Martinez of local Fox news and Brenna Weick of NBC Philadelphia reported images from Pfeffer’s arrest.

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