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Teen Who Taught Hundreds of Kids How to Swim Dies Suddenly After Cardiac Arrest

A 19-year-old British girl who died of cardiac arrest is being remembered for her kindness.

Details of the death of Mia Jennings were sparse, and no public mention was made of her medical history, but there was no mistaking the affection in which she was held.

“We are sharing with great sadness that our dear colleague Mia Jennings passed away this weekend after suffering a cardiac arrest.,” the Macclesfield Leisure Centre posted on Facebook.

The center called her “a model employee and star apprentice in our HR Team and swimming teacher to hundreds of children at Macclesfield Leisure Centre.”

The center noted that her family and friends are “understandably shocked and devastated at this time.”

The center said Jennings was the kind of worker and person whose passing would leave a hole in many lives.

“Mia showed great dedication and commitment at work – excelling in all that she did. She was hugely respected by colleagues, customers and the children she so passionately taught each week,” the post said.

Jennings, according to the center was “a rising star.”

“[S]he received special recognition as an outstanding apprentice at the North East Cheshire Chamber Business Awards and the South Cheshire Chamber Awards,” the post said.

“Most importantly, Mia was a kind and caring person who always wanted to give her best and help others. Her beautiful smile lit up every room she was in, and she made a positive impression on everyone she met,” the post said.

Maighan Mclean, a friend of Jennings, called her late friend “the most kind and caring girl we have had the pleasure of knowing, although our time together was short there will never be a moment that was taken for granted,” according to The Sun.

“Our love goes to her family and loved ones during this devastating time,” she said.

According to a page set up for Jennings on the website Just Giving by Callum Mcleod and Mclean, funding raised will go to SADS UK.

On its website, SADS UK says it works to provide information and equipment to address sudden cardiac death.

“There are no words to describe how heartbreaking this has been, hopefully through the help of everyone we can fundraise to continue Mia’s legacy and bring this charity to light so research can be funded, information can be provided and medical equipment can be bought,” the page said.

  • Nunya says:

    I bet she was smiling with great honor getting her clot shots, another dumb brainwashed person that can’t think for themselves. That was her choice, people just don’t get it and don’t want to listen, oh well. To each their own….

  • hancockee says:

    poor girl , and a athlete . terrible. fauci will pay in hell.

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