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Teen Dies Suddenly During Christmas Eve Dinner, Now Family Faces $25,000 Bill

A Texas teen died suddenly over the holidays, leaving his family and friends emotionally devastated.

That trauma was quickly followed by a financial hit as well.

Dylan Ricciardella, 17, died while his family was on vacation during the Christmas break, according to a Facebook notice by Dr. Shaun Perry, principal at Guyer High School in Denton, Texas, where he was a junior.

The young man passed away during Christmas Eve dinner with his family, according to a GoFundMe appeal.

“He had to be airlifted by helicopter from a very remote area,” wrote Kim Jackson, organizer of the fundraising campaign.

The family received a $25,000 bill for the air ambulance, which prompted Jackson to organize the GoFundMe appeal.

The fundraising goal is $30,000 to host a celebration of life. “This won’t cover all of their costs, but it sure will help,” Jackson said. “This is one burden we can all share with them.”

According to his obituary, Ricciardella “was a brilliant, handsome, and witty young man.

“He was a technology, car, and train enthusiast and had aspirations of one day designing luxury automobiles.

“His happy place was his grandparents’ farm in Nebraska, where you could find him in the town of Big Springs watching trains, driving farm equipment, tinkering around on projects, sledding, and most importantly spending time with his family.

“Dylan cherished his free time and delighted in sketching, gaming with friends, perfecting his photography, building Legos, and spending time with his dog Ozzy.

“He was known for his uncanny wit, which he used to famously deliver one-liners that made everyone smile, but it was his smile that lit up a room. Dylan was special in so many ways and he will always be remembered for his kind, generous, and loving spirit.”

The Guyer High School Parent Teacher Student Association shared the announcement Perry sent out to families in the school, which asked them to keep Ricciardella’s family in their prayers.

“We remember Dylan as a witty, smart, and talented young man who was very kind and loved art,” Perry wrote.

“Please know that we have reached out to his family to let them know we will provide support during this difficult loss, and they have asked for us to respect their privacy at this time.”

The principal assured families that teachers and staff at Guyer High School “will work with our students to get through this tough, emotional time together.

“[O]ur counselors will be available to any students who need support through this emotional process.”

A separate GoFundMe appeal indicated that “in lieu of flowers, Dylan’s family would be grateful for donations to the Big Springs, Nebraska Fire Department.

“The Nebraska family farm was a very special place for Dylan, and we would like to give back to a community who took very good care of Dylan in a very difficult time.”

  • John says:

    So where is this white family’s free covered Medical Dental and benefits like food housing schooling cost and everything else his family paid into earned and deserved by being a white American, oh wait Biden the pedophile demonic Pig just gave it to 2 million illegal aliens drug cartel, child molesting, child and Drug trafficking fentanyl murdering illegal Criminal Alien black and brown creeping domestic terrorist creeping border crud, just send the bill to the fraudulent a-hole hair sniffing pedophile in the communist Satan worshiping fake White House

  • Glow says:

    I am sorry to hear this but I have some questions. WHAT did he die from and why is this such a big story? Why are all the “died suddenly” deaths so important nationally? I mean I can understand if they made the paper in their local community but nationally? I mean people die “suddenly” all the time but their stories aren’t plastered on the national news. Just curious. Prayers for his family.

    • Tamirose170 says:

      Because our INSTALLED Biden in the White House “mandated” an experimental formula – that our CDC & FDA never did any clinical trials in the USA before “approving” these vials – then spent our tax dollars and ordered Billions of $$ worth – – Held people’s career, education and/or military service as Hostage Unless & Until they got it – – ignored the basic 101 of Viruses and those that had COVID before did NOT need to get a vaccine that does NOT prevent the virus from the person “inoculated” The “vaccine” was so ineffective that they had to re-write the damn dictionary. We have a fraudulent govt stealing from taxpayers to pay Big Pharm for toxic formulas and then violated our Human Rights by forcing people to take it – YET no one has died in Congress, hmm. There has been a 1700% increase in deaths in athletes since COVID jabs (2 yrs). You can tally up all of the athletes, that passed physical exams, from 1966-2004 and combine ALL of them to just equal the same # of deaths in 2 yrs from the toxic jab =1101 deaths. That is why – IF we still had the Daily Newspaper delivered to our homes every morning, the Obituary Section would be 25 pages long and would cost too much $$ for the newspaper companies to print all of the “suspicious” deaths going on = = I think that is a valuable reason WHY they are admitting the truths now – because the govt censored our Free Speech and Social Media/News prior to Nov 2022. THIS is going to be in every History Book in 25 years – it is a Worldwide Holocaust engineered by govt officials in 140+ Countries.

    • nana says:

      Because world wide, millions are dropping dead, + it is being covered up, some govts now refusing to have autopsies for these people, as they dont want the public to stop getting the vax shots

  • Steve says:

    And did he take the vaccine??? If so I wouldn’t donate a penny.

  • Gramm says:

    You idiots have not a clue of what you’re talking about. My brother died from that Covid sh*t! He refused to take the shot and got that horrible horrible disease. He refused and died. I took the shot and the booster and I’m still here. NO side effects.

    You don’t know what this child died from. Was he taking drugs? Was he born with a heart defect? Did he get a dose of fentanyl? Did he choke on a fish/chicken bone? Did he play football before dinner and was hit hard and the heart stopped?

    Stop blaming every death on Covid.



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