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Ted Cruz Reveals Who He Believes Will Replace Joe Biden on the Presidential Ticket

Joe Biden’s debate performance has created widespread panic all across Democrat and liberal media circles, with many floating ideas on who could replace Dementia Joe.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) went on his eponymous podcast The Verdict With Ted Cruz immediately following the debate and gave a damning assessment of Biden’s performance and said Democrats would almost certainly replace him as the nominee while making a chilling prediction on the choice.

Cruz opened the podcast by telling listeners that Thursday night’s debate was the most “consequential” in American history and fundamentally altered the presidential race.

“We have just witnessed what I believe is the most consequential debate in U.S. history,” Cruz told co-host Ben Ferguson. “Sometimes debates change things, and sometimes they don’t.”

“I believe tonight’s debate changed things fundamentally.”

Cruz then told Ferguson there is now an over 80 percent chance Biden will be ditched by the Democrat party, which is an increase from 50 percent just four months ago. Moreover, he had a bold prediction on who would replace Biden: Barack Obama’s wife Michelle.

“I believe the odds have now skyrocketed; I believe the odds are north of 80 percent that the Democrat Party will remove Joe Biden from the ticket and replace him,” Cruz explained. “And I believe they are likely to replace Joe Biden with Michelle Obama because Biden did so disastrously badly tonight that Democrats across the country are in utter freefall and complete panic.”

LISTEN (Cruz begins speaking at the 3:15 mark):

Cruz then outlined how Democrats would convince a reluctant Michelle Obama to run while acknowledging two possible impediments.

“The impediments are twofold. Number one, Michelle says no, number two Joe Biden says no,” he explained. “On the Michelle says no, I think you’re gonna have Barack coming to her, I think you’re gonna have a lot of Democrat kingmakers coming to her, and the pitch is gonna be ‘Michelle, you need to save America.’”

“‘Michelle, we need you. Michelle, if you do not step forward, Donald Trump is going to be president. Michelle, you are the only person on planet earth that can save the world from a Donald Trump presidency.’”

  • Hrb says:

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