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Teacher with No Known Issues Suddenly Collapses, Dies in Front of Students

An Italian woman teaching in Verona, Italy, dropped dead in her classroom on last week — and her family and friends are stunned.

According to EuroWeekly, an English-language newspaper in Spain, Giovanna Fabrica was 44 when she collapsed Monday.

Fabrica, who was a native of Sicily, taught at the Ederle State Comprehensive Institute of Villa Bartolomea, the report said, citing the Italian newspaper

The school said she had no known health issues.

The report said that Fabrica rose from her desk, and was heading to the door of the classroom when she collapsed and fell to the floor.

The report said students tried to call for help.

Although another teacher and later first responders tried to help the teacher, they were unable to save her, the report said.

A helicopter was flown in as a way to get Fabrica to a hospital, but she was declared dead at the school, the report said.

Fabrica’s husband arrived in her classroom, but not until after Fabica had died, according to the Italian-language website, as translated by Google.

Fabrica was not known to have any illnesses, the report said.

“Your smile faded too soon in the place you loved most. We hug you tightly on your last trip so that you are not afraid,” the school posted in a statement on social media, the report said.

“Giovanna was a sunny, serene, very sweet woman. She deeply loved her work as a teacher and the little ones,” Maria Grazia Brandara, Mayor of Naro, where Fabrica’s funeral will be held, said in a statement.

“Her disappearance leaves you astonished. Another daughter of this land who had to leave, this time, however, never to return. May the Earth be light to her,” the statement said.

According to the EuroWeekly News report, the headmaster, whose name was not given, summed up the feelings of the community.

“We are all shocked and still can’t believe it,” the headmaster said.

  • Leo says:

    Notice they never tell you if they had the jab or not when they announce another young person just drops dead.

  • Ray A says:

    Another death by vaccine

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