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Teacher Attacked by 270-Lb Student Refuses Activists’ Leniency Pleas, Seeks Maximum Sentence

A Florida teachers’ aide who was badly beaten by a 17-year-old student nearly a year ago wants her assailant to spend decades in prison for his crime.

Brendan Depa, an autistic 270-pound, 6-foot-6-inch man now 18 who was tried as an adult, confessed to beating Joan Naydich and pleaded “no contest” to the single felony charge of aggravated battery filed against him after beating the school paraprofessional after she recommended that his Nintendo Switch be confiscated, according to Unilad.

That charge carries a sentence of up to 30 years in prison.

Depa’s victim has been calling for the maximum sentence all along.

“He definitely needs to be in jail,” Naydich told the New York Post. “He needs to be in jail for what he did to me. I’m in my own jail of sorts every single day I wake up.”

Naydich said she had lost her income and all of her benefits since suffering five broken ribs and a concussion in the beating.

She still has issues with her vision and hearing, she told the outlet.

She also said that proponents of a lighter sentence for Depa have been exaggerating his disabilities.

“He’s not autistic like everybody believes he is,” Naydich said. “They are painting a picture of him that he’s not able to think for himself. He’s working on his GED in jail and he almost has it.

“His mother has painted a picture of him that he’s incapable of putting socks on,” she said.

Leanne Depa, the attacker’s adoptive mother, didn’t blame Naydich but said the school district had to share some of the blame after it deviated from a treatment plan for her student that it had previously approved.

“This should never have been a criminal case,” she argued.

“I’m not blaming Joan,” she said. “In no way do I blame Joan for what happened. I blame the district. It’s a systemic problem. There is not enough funding and there’s a shortage of paraprofessionals.”

Video of the Feb. 21, 2023, incident at the Palm Coast, Florida, school showed Brendan Depa attacking Naydich and knocking her unconscious.

According to an affidavit, Depa hit Naydich in the back and on the back of the head about 15 times.

WARNING: Some viewers will find the following video disturbing.

Brendan Depa is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 31.

  • Tamirose170 says:

    What has the Florida Governor done about this? Oh that’s right, he’s been GONE for over a year campaigning. He was bragging that he had Millions left, due to “his hard work” during COVID, so why are there shortages of Social Services for mental health students & problem students? He gave all of the First Responders bonuses before his Election as Governor for his 2nd term… and continued to brag about how “efficient” the FL government was – – What good does the $$ do, when the taxpayers taxes were raised, we grimaced and paid them and now read again and again, how Schools are deficient in this & that. Infuriating.

    I wonder if Ron DeSantis got the 7.5 million back from the Director of ALL the Domestic Abuse Shelters in Florida. Turns out Tiffany Carr finely tuned her contract, and it was co-signed by higher up powers and she was getting 350 days of PTO (paid time off) – She didn’t even live in Florida, never visited any of the Shelters, but battered women couldn’t even get a bar of soap to bathe with if they managed to escape from their abuser because Tiffany had played games with all of the funds – ON Ron DeSantis’ first term at Governor.

    Most folks didn’t hear about Ron’s massive mistakes as Governor – but I’m glad he bowed out of the race; he is NOT qualified at all – ZILCH.

    The School District needs to pay this lady her full salary through Workers Compensation for the next 10 years or so; her medical bills and this MOOSE of a guy who cannot regulate his emotions. He seems to have a serious issue of Entitlement, Bullying and no one can say “No” to him. He will continue to hurt innocent people – Keep him for 30 years!

  • Richard Mundy says:

    As far as I’m concerned there should have been campus police on site with these kinds of people at this school what did he should have been tased first and if that didn’t stop then shoot him, he was certainly he was a danger to all in school.

  • Sadie says:

    Until people are held to full accountability for their actions nothing will change in their behavior!



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