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Target Will Soon Stop Accepting This Form of Payment

Cash or card?

Target will no longer be accepting personal checks as a form of payment at its stores beginning later this month, the company confirmed.

The Minnesota-based big-box retail chain will stop taking checks this month due to “extremely low volumes,” of such payments, a spokesperson told NBC Chicago.

The company has taken “several measures” to notify customers in advance, the spokesperson added.

The change will go into effect on July 15 following the end of Target’s popular Circle Week sales event.

While personal checks will no longer be accepted, the store will still take cash, credit and debit cards, Target Circle Cards, digital wallets, SNAP/EBT cards and buy now-pay later services, Target said.

The move comes as the retail giant has made several money-saving changes as it says its been plagued by thefts.

In March, Target imposed a 10-item limit for customers using self-checkout.

Just last week, Target instructed store staff to stop thieves who try to flee with items totaling $50, down from the previous sum of $100.

Target’s chief financial officer, Michael Fiddelke, told investors last fall that the company expects shoplifting to be a “significant financial headwind.”

  • Anton Chigurh says:

    I don’t shop at target and you’re a moron if you do.

  • Auntie Vyris® says:

    Not gonna shop at Targhey. Targhey promotes hairy men entering the girl’s bathroom and having their way. They also promote Satan worship and deviant behavior.

  • See more says:

    Who cares they are on a permanent boycott list anyway.

  • Hog Jockey says:

    We don’t shop there anymore anyway. We don’t support their agenda.



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