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Taco Bell Closing All Dining Rooms in California City Due to Crime

Taco Bell is closing all of its dining rooms in Oakland, California due to rampant crime and will only offer cashless drive-thru service.

This is an ongoing problem in Oakland. Last month, the only Denny’s restaurant in the city closed its doors after 50 years in business.

This is what happens when the leaders of a community don’t do their jobs to maintain law and order.

How much more of this are the voters there willing to put up with?

The Daily Mail reports:

Taco Bell locations in Oakland are forced to CLOSE dining rooms indefinitely – and switch to drive-thru service and cashless payments only – amid series of robberies and unrelenting crime surge

Taco Bell restaurants in Oakland, California have been forced to suspend indoor dining indefinitely after being subjected to a series of robberies amid an unrelenting crime surge in the city, can reveal.

Four of the five Taco Bell locations across the Bay Area city now have large signs hanging from their windows advising: ‘DINING ROOM CLOSED.’

Business has been restricted to drive-thru service only – a sad new reality for many customers and families hoping to sit down for a peaceful meal.

‘This is annoying,’ Melissa Gilgen, 45, told on a rainy Tuesday after shouting her order into an intercom, while her frustrated daughter and five-year-old granddaughter sat in the back seat.

‘We had wanted to go inside so we could eat together,’ Gilgen added, driving off with a bag of breakfast crunchwraps.

‘Now we’re forced to get drive-thru because the next Taco Bell is like seven miles away.’

Here’s a video report:

What if you don’t have a car?

Oakland is basically allowing itself to be ruled by criminals and it’s the law abiding people who will suffer.

  • kcsparky says:

    Options are being further limited on Kronos.

  • Jim says:

    Why don’t you tell the WHOLE TRUTH. It’s crime by blacks, mostly, and then by Latinos. But, the vast majority is BLACK. That’s what you have to fix — the BLACK issue.

  • Tacitus Kilgore says:

    That plus the $15 to $20 minimum wage. They only need 3 employees per shift now!

  • RB says:

    Welcome to Biden’s America! Thanks for nothing dick-head!

  • Scott Kuli says:

    You can’t offer “only cashless” transactions. Paper money is a legal medium of exchange and the store does not have the option of “not accepting” it.

    The government likes this because they want to test the waters to see if people will go along with all their purchases being known. Make sure that water is hot and they get well burned.

    Also, don’t buy anything at ANY Taco Bell until that Taco Bell quits this.



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