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Sweden Finds “Foreign Objects” & Explosive Residue on Nord Stream Pipelines

Swedish investigators announced Friday the conclusion of their formal investigation into the Nord Stream pipeline blasts on September 26. To nobody’s surprise, the investigation has concluded the natural gas leaks which rocked European energy markets and resulted in tit-for-tat accusations between Moscow and the West was the result of “gross sabotage”.

While not naming a culprit, the Swedish final report of this initial stage of the inquiry uncovered evidence of “foreign objects” placed on the pipelines.

“During analyzes carried out, residues of explosives have been identified on several of the foreign objects seized,” the report said.

The Swedish Prosecution Authority’s statement said, “In the crime scene investigations carried out on site in the Baltic Sea, the area and the extensive damage to the gas lines as a result of the detonations have been extensively documented.”

Russia has denied responsibility, while at the same time pointing the finger at Washington or its allies. Swedish investigators say they will now work toward establishing who was behind the sabotage:

“The advanced analysis work is still in progress – the aim is to draw more definitive conclusions about the Nord Stream incidents,” the agency said. “The investigation is extensive and complex and will eventually show whether anyone can be suspected of, and later prosecuted for this.”

Previously, Denmark and Sweden said soon after the massive leaks in late September that the blasts “probably corresponded to an explosive load of several hundred kilos.”

Russian media sources, as well as a handful of Western pundits, have alleged that US naval activity was observed in that regional of the Baltic Sea during the time of the incident.

If Sweden ultimately says that Russia was behind the attack on the pipelines, Moscow is likely to dismiss it, and call for their own independent access to and investigation of the evidence and site.

  • Pat says:

    Biden confessed, before the explosion!

  • John says:

    Of course they’ll blame Russia or any other country they want to take over, but we all know it’s the New World Order demons and satanic party of the United Nations and European unions of antichrist fascist Euro trash pigs, the same ones that will usher in the Antichrist when it’s time to end their stinking miserable lives on this planet, and destroy Earth completely, let us all pray these demons burn in hell while they’re on Earth, we know their agenda we know what they’re doing, and decent humans will do nothing but resist, fight back, and remove as many as these evil Antichrist demons as we possibly can before these demons self-destruct our only Earth, these are domestic terrorist satan worshiping demons who need to be exterminated for the good of all mankind globally

    • ron says:

      The same people that have infiltated the US government. We now have a Country like Russia used to be years ago. The People were nice, but the government was rotten.

  • ron says:

    The US deep state did it, to blame Russian and hopefully get Nato to start a wara over it. Banks and deep staters love Wars, everyone Profits from it ! AND, “Analyzes” I would think should BE :Analysis”.



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