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Suspicious Noise from Biden Picked Up by Mics During Trump Showdown Has Everyone Talking

Last night’s debate left viewers wondering whether one of the candidates passed wind as the microphones picked up a ‘suspicious noise’.

Social media users have launched into fevered speculation over the sound, with some accusing Joe Biden, 81, of passing wind during his terrible debate performance.

The sound at the centre of the social media frenzy could be heard while Donald Trump, 78, accused Biden of profiting off the tariffs the former president imposed on China.

Speculation over the source of the ‘suspicious noise’ ranges to either of the candidates ‘farting’ to one of the moderators taking a sip of water.

Biden delivered a catastrophic showing in his first presidential debate against Trump last night, which further threw the incumbent’s capacity into question.

The Democrat sounded tired and hoarse, frequently stumbled over his words and on one occasion completely lost his train of thought and trailed off into silence, prompting moderator Jake Tapper to dive in and rescue him.

While Biden was combative and did not shy away from trading barbs with Trump it became painfully clear throughout the debate that he simply did not have the capacity to contend with his confident and smooth-talking Republican rival.

Biden’s debate performance was met with heavy criticism from members of his own camp, with many Democrats fretting over the display of the incumbent’s failing faculties and calling for him to be replaced by another candidate.

Donors to Biden’s party have labelled his showing as ‘the worst performance in history’.

The torturous 90-minute debate saw the president frequently lose his train of thought, trail off mid-sentence and mix up topics, prompting a cacophony of calls from politicians and pundits on both sides of the aisle for the Biden to step down.

One donor told POLITICO that his showing was ‘so bad that no one will pay attention to Trump’s lies,’ and that ‘Biden needs to drop out. No question about it.’

A senior Democrat strategist said: ‘Biden is about to face a crescendo of calls to step aside. Parties exist to win – this man on the stage with Trump cannot win,’ in a damning interview with the New York Times.

And former Republican campaign strategist-turned-Democrat Steve Schmidt said: ‘Biden lost the country tonight, and will not get it back. If Trump is a threat and democracy is on the line, then Biden must step aside.’

During the debate, Trump was seen contorting his face in shock and derision at Biden’s confused meandering and frequent gaffes in the debate, at one point telling millions of Americans watching at home: ‘I really don’t know what he [Biden] just said. He’s not equipped to be president. You know it and I know it.’

As the debate concluded, shocking footage emerged from behind the scenes showing how Biden could barely exit the stage, clasping his wife Jill’s hand as he trundled gingerly down a set of small steps.

Jill later congratulated him in a cringeworthy scene reminiscent of a mother babying their young child.

‘You answered every question right, Joe – you did such a great job answering every question. You knew all the facts!’ she said in an almost condescending tone.

Evidently feeling peckish after having expended his limited mental energy on the stand, the president then stopped off at the fast-food joint for a bite to eat with Jill but was confronted by patrons over his sorry showing.

‘Some are concerned that you’re not fit for the job… do you have any concerns about your performance?’ one customer asked.

The President bit back: ‘Well… it’s hard to debate a liar,’ claiming his Republican opponent trotted out a string of untruths and declaring that he believed he had performed ‘well’.

But he was powerless to distract from the reality of his performance – something Trump’s team has gleefully made light of, compiling all of Biden’s mumbling and bumbling in a video entitled: ‘Needless to say, the drugs didn’t work’.

  • Meee says:

    He made those noises a few times. We call them death rattles. People make them before they die.



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